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Our main age-group is 30's - 50's, with quite a few younger. Our members are genuinely kind and good people so you will have no trouble making new friends here. We have many accomplishments, including Loremasters, Explorers, Bloodsail Admirals, Diplomats, Love Fools,'Of the Ashen Verdict', etc. etc. etc. Many members have been playing since pre-BC. Members participate in 10 and 25 man Raids.

Guild progress Edit

Just beginning MOP

History Edit

For the past couple of years we have been under the leadership of Grayface and Kitticey and the guild has grown a stable core membership. We are a mix of fanatical raiders and lite-raiders. We are a "family friendly" guild.

Weekly raid schedule Edit

To be determined

Officers Edit

Grayface, Guildmaster
Kitticey, Guildmadam
Sultanso, Captain
Airayn, Captain
Gassy, Captain
Scaramouche, Captain

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