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Since October 2005 Dark Legion II has proudly represented the Horde on the US realm of Terenas.

We launched Dark Legion II in October 2005 from the ashes of a disbanded guild known as Dark Legion of Lordaeron. Soon, we were joined by friends from the guild Azerothian Soldiers.

Since our humble beginnings we have become one of the longest-lived Horde guilds on Terenas. We never intended to be a large guild; however, we have consistently ranked as one of the largest Horde guilds on Terenas.

In January 2010 we were joined by friends from the guild Firefly.

Today, we take pride in having a guild that's built to last, with friendships that truly stand the test of time.

Guild progress Edit


Burning Crusade

Wrath of the Lich King


Mists of Pandaria

Note: This table only counts raids completed in guild groups while part of the then-current expansion.

History Edit

When our founder launched Dark Legion II in October 2005, her goal was to provide a stable and caring home for her WoW and real-life friends to enjoy World of Warcraft together. As new players joined and other guilds merged with us, the goal expanded to making-sure that we supported our players with the best possible guild experience.

We think that the guild experience is an important part of WoW: a good guild is helpful in the progress and success of one's character(s) and in the support and camaraderie of this very social game.

Membership Policy Edit

Dark Legion II is open to all classes and specs. We've never required anyone to adopt or change specs. We've never made membership available to only certain classes. We've never told anyone that they couldn't join because of gear or stats. We usually prefer that new members attain at least level 20, though this requirement is routinely waived, especially for friends of current members.

Players who join Dark Legion II are usually:

  • Newer players for whom this is their first real guild experience
  • Players who want and need to be part of a larger guild to make good progress, or
  • Experienced players who would like to slow-down from some of the more demanding schedules and requirements of the elite raiding guilds

Our players are all ages, though over-time our membership has leaned to a larger share of adults than younger players.

Amenities Edit

We offer good guild amenities including:

  • Web site
  • Our own Ventrilo server
  • Facebook fan page
  • Twitter feed
  • A guild bank with eight slots full of useful items
  • Eight-player management team (founder and seven officers)

How to Join Edit

  • We've made it much easier to become part of one of the finest Horde guilds of Terenas
  • We're one of the highest-level Horde guilds of Terenas which recruits with the in-game GuildFinder
  • Just contact any Dark Legion II Officer in-game via chat or email
  • We do like for you to visit our Website [1] to find more information, including a roster and guild policies

Management Team Edit

Mystère, Founder and Guild Manager
Travanna, Officer
Rustylock, Officer
Fuzen, Officer
Gartush, Officer

Note: all of us have alts; sometimes we play them more than our Main characters. To find us just use /Who.

Chaleur fonce (talk) 23:23, 28 November 2008 (UTC)

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