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Overview Edit

Dark Favor is a Horde guild on the Sisters of Elune server. Our goal is to bring together a group of people who will become a cohesive collection of friends, good players, and those who enjoy the thrill of accomplishment. As a basic creed, we expect little more than common sense: respect your guild mates, know how to play your class, and be mature. Our main goal in Dark Favor is to conquer the PvE adventures in the World Of Warcraft. As we mature and grow, we will be raiding three to four times per week. Along the way, we will work together on quests and dungeons as well as on continuing advancement as players and as members of our respective classes and professions. And don’t think we’ve forgotten about PvP. While we may focus on PvE, we find plenty of opportunities to crush the Alliance. If you want to role-play while doing so, our response is, “Woot thou.”

Be advised that if you’re looking for a free ride (i.e. power-leveling, free items, and/or “can sum1 tke me thru teh dungeon”), Dark Favor is not the guild for you. We’re all here to have fun in Wow. Anyone who plays their class well and shows some initiative will have to fight off people who want to help them. But if you’re looking to coast, go back to the Alliance.

To fill out an application, go to: Dark Favor Application Form

Weekly Raid ScheduleEdit

This has yet to be established. We are actively running the Outlands dungeons on a nightly basis. When we get more members, we plan on visiting and conquering high-end instances.

Dark Favor currently raids the Black Temple and Mount Hyjal Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sunday evenings (Edit by Chariet, March 24, 2008).

Guild RulesEdit

- Above all: use common sense.

- Please be courteous when interacting with others. Basically, we are all walking advertisements for Dark Favor. If you're a jerk, everyone else in the guild will be viewed as such. We want to be outstanding examples of great, friendly and helpful people. Do your part.

Note: We use a DKP system for loot.

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