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General Information Edit

Danish Raiders is a high-end raiding guild on Turalyon EU server. The creators of the guild originated from the Danish guild 'Danske Dragoner', also on Turalyon. Danish Raiders was created the 08-14 2007, and therefore the guild didn't get to see any 'classic' raid content.

Danish Raiders is a raiding guild based on friendship and respect. We are a guild of mature players. Our goal is to explore, enjoy and progress through the raid level content World of Warcraft has to offer.

We focus on recruiting adult/mature younger players who are online for most raids, who can behave well and who can read and understand raid strategies. Our players range from ~ 18-45 years old.

Guild progress Edit

The Burning Crusade

Wrath of the Lich King

History Edit

This guild was originally formed by Faye, Syldarin, Triztan, Xtraction and Mcholm, a group of friends that met in the casual guild 'Danske Dragoner'. The friends took the best players from DD, 'The Elite Team', and cleared Karazhan. When Prince died Tuesday night 22.30, the players left DD and joined the new Danish Raiders. Mcholm was the first guildleader. The first day they were ~ 15 players, the day after they were ~ 40. A month went on farming Karazhan, and by that time the players of Danish Raiders started gruuls lair.

After 4 months Mcholm passed along his position as guildleader, and Syldarin took the post. Changes were made in the attempt to more raid oriented site and to improve the guilds image on the server.

Time went on and progress were made until Black Temple was cleared on the 28 September 2008. The 08-14 2008, the guild turned 1year, and stood stronger than ever, well prepared for the arrival of Wotlk. The 8 October Syldarin gave up his position as Guildleader, and Xtraction was promoted.

Weekly raid schedule Edit

  • Thursdag 19.30 - 23.15
  • Sunday 19.30 - 23.15
  • Tuesday 19.30 - 23.15

Guild rules Edit

Danish Raiders believe in 3 things we set above all else; Maturity Politeness Indepence. Our mantra.

  • Age limit: 18years
  • No spam is allowed
  • No character sharing
  • Begging and other immature behaviour is not allowed

Officers / Noteable Members Edit


  • Eagledk


  • Xtraction


  • No melee overlord at the time
  • Pallerman, handles all tanks
  • Mercedez, handles all healers
  • Idasfarsven, handles all ranged dps


  • Jelle
  • Syldarin

Noteable members:

  • Triztan co-founder
  • Syldarin co-founder, former guildleader
  • Faye co-founder
  • Mcholm co-founder, former guildleader
  • Xtraction co-founder, former guildleader

Recruiting Edit

See our website for the latest information on recruitment.

In order to apply, make an account on our forum and post your apply.

You can find answers to most questions regarding Danish Raiders in our recruitment forum

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