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Guild:Dancing Divas (Bladefist US)

Dancing Divas are a casual guild on the Server:Bladefist_US realm, Alliance, established on December 19th, 2006, and one of the first guilds on Bladefist.

We are a casual guild for players who are serious about toon development, but may have more limited time to play. We welcome players of all ages, and support various playstyles, including players interested in PVP, Arena, and PVE progression. We field a small raid team focusing on 10-player content, two raid nights a week. We also have an active alliance with Shadow Guard for scheduling 25-player content.

The guild's name reflects that originally it was restricted to female-only characters. It also had an early (wrong) reputation on the server as a hunter-only guild. The guild was opened to male characters in spring 2007. In February 2008, we were joined by the GM and players of Evocation in a successful guild merge.

For more information about the guild, please contact one of the following players:

  • Kindredwolf (GM)
  • Elenua (Assistant GM)
  • Imthylaw (Raid Commander)
    • Officers:
      • Aksunamoon
      • Bokadin
      • Choongsil
      • Halidaas
      • Imthyloc
      • Kriyet
      • Kulat

Guild website: [1]

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