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The Basics Edit

Di logo
Guild: Damage Incorporated
Realm: Feathermoon (RP- US PST)
Faction: Alliance
Guild Leader: Freek
Armory Page: WoW Armory

Guild Introduction Edit

Formed in 2006, Damage Incorporated is a semi-casual guild that seeks to create a more relaxed atmosphere for players to enjoy the game. We work hard to find members that fit in with our philosophy of making D.I. a fun, mature, active guild with as little drama as possible. Damage Incorporated is mainly focused on dungeons, achievements and 10 man raiding and is working at defending Azeroth from Deathwing and his minions. Interested parties can visit the guild's website for information on how to join the ranks of Damage Incorporated.

Also on the website are the guild forums, roster information, image gallery, schedule of events, and more.

Guild Ranks Edit

Non-Officer Ranks Edit

Squire Edit

  • Is a new member to Damage Incorporated.
  • Is welcome to attend any general guild meetings or events.
  • Must be registered at the guild website.
  • Is on a one month probationary period and may be removed if they do not adhere to the guild charter.

Knight Edit

  • Must be active in guild.
  • Must demonstrate loyalty to Damage Incorporated and its policies.
  • Is expected to help the lower ranks when able.

Crusader Edit

  • Is the highest non-officer position in the guild and is attained by the most active and loyal members.
  • Is expected to participate in guild meetings, guild forums on the website, and contribute their knowledge to the guild when needed.

Defender Edit

  • Must be a veteran of the guild with proven loyalty and commitment to members of the guild.
  • Must be willing to help with guild dungeon and raid events whenever time permits.

Officer Ranks Edit

All officer ranks come with ability to coordinate events such as guild meetings or raids.

Field Marshal Edit

  • Officer alts

Praetor Edit

  • Is the officer rank in the guild and helps the Emperor with guild operations.

Emperor Edit

  • Is the Guild Leader

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