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D A W N B R I N G E R S is a casual PvE guild with several long-standing members and a lot of good times.

Guild Progress Edit

Pre-BC raids are done casually (usually on Wednesdays). Info on the next one and sign-ups for it are done via the website forum.

Karazhan Edit

The table below can be used to track our progress through KZ. In the future, we'll have sufficient numbers to field multiple teams since that will help us reach the 25 man limit of later raids.

Team Progression
Team Boss
Attumen Moroes Maiden Opera Curator Chess Iillhoof Shade Netherspite Prince Nightbane
Team 1 X X X X X X X X X 27FEB08

Weekly Raid Schedule Edit

Invites for Karazhan go out at 5:15 PM Server on Tuesdays. Beyond the first day inside, the schedule is more or less determined by whether we can muster 10 people to go back and try some more.

Guild Rules Edit

  • We use a DKP system for loot.

Guild Structure Edit

The ranks are as follows:

Esquire - This is the lowest rank in Dawnbringers. Esquires can listen to Guild chat, but may not talk in it. This rank is intended for those rare cases when disciplining a problem guild member is required.

Knight - This is the initial rank that most new Dawnbringers will be promoted to. A Knight is considered a "member in good standing" and is able to speak in guild chat. A Knight however cannot invite other members into the guild.

Champion - The Champion rank is how we recognize our best and brightest guild members. Champions have been with the guild for a long time and are people that truly understand what it means to be a Dawnbringer.

Lord - A Lord is able to promote and has responsibilities designated to them by the Guild Master involving an aspect of the guild and / or game. Remember that many of the Lords can answer your questions or help you before you need to bring your concerns to the Guild Master. Lords have a strong say in the guild including direction, loot, fun, PvP and discipline.

Ambassador - A special form of Lord charged with the task of making relations with other guilds and individuals. Often deals with recruitment and guild morale.

Guild Master - The Guild Master is the only person who can promote someone to Lord and is the only person who can demote someone. He/She (or IT in the case of our current GM) can veto the Lord’s decisions.

The Guildmaster is Raimen. You can contact him directly to apply for membership.

After becoming a member, you will be given a 1 week probation and will be encouraged to participate with other guild members in dungeons and raids.

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