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DOM is a semi-casual raiding PvE guild on the US Boulderfist server founded in late 2005.

DOM is a group of approximately 40 players from around the world, with large concentratioins in California, Texas, Indiana, and Tennessee. Some players hail from Canada, and even as far as Australia.

DOM's focus in the PvE game, but there is plenty of PvP collaboration going on, for battleground fun and for arena competition.

DOM has a lower age limit of 18 years. Members are expected to behave like adults, and practice tolerance of their fellow members. The "Six Maxims of DOM" can be viewed at the bottom of the page.

Guild progress Edit


Burning Crusade

Wrath of the Lich King

History Edit

DOM was formed by a group of mutual friends from the University of California at Davis. Having cut their teeth on City of Heroes, DOM was formed out of core members of the group bearing the same name who dabble in CoH content. Adding a few notables the charter was signed in September 2005.

Original founding members were:

Zaggnutt, Babloo, Sarot, Stompface, Mikeular, Krabork, and Echto.

This list excludes the few that were just paid 1g in Brill to sign the charter. The original guild leader was Babloo, aka the ODB (title for guildmaster).

DOM quested and instanced as a very small guild for several months adding few members (Exorx, Mamadote), until on a seemingly random Stratholme run, members of 4 different similarly sized guilds hatched a plan. The plan was simple: band together to more effectively quest and instance, and perhaps even one day raid. Thus the alliance known us Small Guilds For the Win (SGFTW) was born.

The guilds comprising this alliance were:

DOM The Mall Cops The Alliance Section 8 I Win Button

I Win Button stuck around for only a few weeks, but the first four remained. It wasn't long before SGFTW was putting UBRS behind them and venturing into Zul'Gurub. It only took a few runs and some hours spent together before the members realized that not only did they enjoy spending time with each other, but that interests would be best served with a merger.

DOM merged with The Mall Cops in June 2006, losing their trademark dead squirrel tabard and acquiring the tabard of the Cops, the now infamous brown top-hat tabard. Two officers were chosen from each guild. Krabork and Stompface from DOM; Blaargg and Zun from the Mall Cops. Mikeular was made overall Guild Leader and would continue to reign as the ODB until late 2008.

Krabork composed the "Six Maxims of DOM" at this time. A bulletin board forum was set up at this time, and much workplace productivity was lost. The boards became a constant source of interaction between all members of SGFTW, and greatly contributed to strengthening the bonds between the members.

SGFTW continued to raid Zul'Gurub and The Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj, adding yet another guild to the group called Ataxia.

Over the latter half of 2006, The Alliance began to dissolve, with a good portion of its members entering the ranks of DOM. Finally at the advent of The Burning Crusade Expansion, Section 8 disbanded, with key members being absorbed by DOM, along with a few new friends we met along the way. DOM was poised to tackle the Burning Crusade, with ranks swelling.


Weekly raid schedule Edit

  • Sunday, 5:30 PM Server
  • Tuesday, 7:00 PM Server

All times reference in game and on the forums are server times.

Guild rules Edit

1 - Treat fellow guild members equally, regardless of level, rank, or age, with respect and dignity, maintaining a good sense of humor and keeping an open mind. 2 - Respect guild members commitment and involvement to their real family, friends, pastimes, jobs, and lives. 3 - Conduct oneself with maturity to bring respect and honor for our guild in the eyes of the larger community. 4 - Balance the good of the guild with the good of the character, and recognize that by benefiting the guild, you benefit all its members including yourself. 5- Ensure that all new recruits selected will observe the above guidelines. 6 - Remember that it's just a game!

Officers Edit

Baradoch, Guildmaster 
Guild leader. Contact for information regarding all aspects of the guild.

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