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At present, this information is out of date. Work is in progress to update this.

At a GlanceEdit

The Cult of the Zenith is a moderate-to-heavy RP-PvP guild on the Horde side of the Ravenholdt-US World of Warcraft commercial game server. Founded in October 2007, it has become a large, stable guild with a strong presence in both roleplay and PvP on the server. Despite internal issues, attacks from notorious trade channel trolls, and persistant rumors about both guild and guildmaster, the Cult of the Zenith has flourished and filled with members known for being fun loving, mature, and skilled in PvP.

Contact and CommunicationEdit

As a roleplay guild, the guild chat is In Character (characters speaking to other characters); all Out of Character Chat (players speaking to other players) is done in a private channel. Additionally, the guild has a rented Ventrilo server available for public access; fastest method to discover both is to contact a member of the guild in the game.
In Character, the guildchat is explained as a shared 'mental link', similar to a form of verbal telepathy that is projected amongst all members, and is accepted in the guild's "lore" as a facet of their leader's power.
Out of Character Chat is considered "mature topic advised", and as such may contain conversations or topics that some players may find offensive; however as a general rule the conversation is moderated and kept 'sensible'. Because of this, and the ventrilo server are covered by the guild's legal terms and conditions for entry and application.
Both the Out of Character Chat and ventrilo server are considered "public access", and persons other than members of the guild are free to use them within provisos.

Summary Edit

A military religious order of the Horde, devoted to the tenets of maintaining and growing personal strengths, the Cult is an established presence in the world of Azeroth and beyond. Despite a chronic issue with chaotic discipline and rumors of illicit or illegal activities, the Cult is devoted to the defense of the Horde against foes who would rise against it.

Composition Edit

Despite aggressive recruitment from the darkspear trolls, orcs, and forsaken, the Cult primarily holds sin'dorei and tauren memberships, which often leads to chronic shortages by the other species at official assignments.
Of the roles that the order claim, blood knights, warlocks, rogues, and hunters make up the bulk of the order, followed by the other classes by minority. Despite this, the Cult does not turn other classes aside, and indeed, given the persuasion of late for Zenithas to recruit from the regions of Durotar, and similar, it is likely that he seeks more balance for his people.

Leadership Edit

The Cult's leader, a sin'dorei Blood Knight by the name of Zenithas Tho'renias, has often stated publically that he is to one day become a deity in his own right, despite the occasional derision this earns him. Likewise, the controversial leader has also spoken out publically on the 'debauchery' of Silvermoon City, calling it on one occasion a "fattened lamb, slick on it's own filth, waiting for a predator to strike again". As a note of irony, reports arise consistantly that the order's rituals are little more than orgiastic bloodbaths of sin. He has also railed at many sin'dorei for their 'weaknesses', and has earned the scorn of the Blood Knights, in particular Knight-Lord Bloodvalor, over his contempt on them and their ways.
Not aiding in that, the would-be 'godling' had also often been overheard on many occasions stating that the then-captive naaru M'uru was 'dying' or 'doomed'. To his own admitted admonishment, the "deaf ears of the fallen people did not recognise their own doom coming" - essentially claiming that he had warned them, but they didn't listen. His vocal denigration of the city often leads to conflict between members of the Cult, and those who consider themselves more affiliated to Silvermoon than the rest of the Horde.
Despite this, the wayward paladin has shown diligence in assailing the Alliance of Azaroth, and in the defense of the cities of the Horde, and has spread some medium of control to less fortunate members of all races by teaching his fellowship on techniques and tactics of many merits.
Zenithas has on occasion claimed to have mastered his own physique, which has granted him 'freedom from the wracking pains of the wretched', implying that he has overcome his addiction to mana. Despite this unlikely event, which is far more probable to have a more sinister reason behind his 'strength', This rumor of freedom from the curse of the sin'dorei, along with the absolute stance the fallen Blood Knight holds on taking war to the Alliance of Azeroth, has brought many to the banners of the Cult.
Several strange 'abilities' have also been found of him, such as a limited capacity to channel the power of nature as a druid or shaman would, his innate resistance to damage by sources of fire, or his ability to 'raise his flock, no matter where they fall' (meaning to resurrect those faithful to him, no matter their distance to him) have also attracted many. In particular, those seeking immortality or power, as well as those wishing simply to study the strange 'ascendant'.
Recently, Zenithas obtained an item known as part of the Ata'mal Crystal, an event that showed and revealed his distaste of the naaru, almost to the point of disgust. After a long and protracted argument in public with the creature known as A'dal, the would-be-deity passed the artifact to the Sha'tar. Immediately after, members of the order have been observed taking 'portions' of mana from one of the naaru in Shattrath, by the name of G'eras.
The Cult has in particular been ordered by the blood knight to the governing of war and studying strange occurrence in the world, such as the patterns of movement taken by the Emerald Dragons, and in particular the Green Dragon, Ysondre. Unlike most forms of despotism, however, Zenithas has seemed relatively content to simply allow the Cult to flourish with few orders or restrictions, bar that the fellowship do not 'fall' from their teachings.
Zenithas Tho'renias has not yet shared the rulership of 'his' order, though recently he has been heard to delegate different tasks to members, including but not limited to Jagane Brewers, and his sister, Lilliuun Tho'renias.
Out of Character, the player of the character Zenithas is relatively approachable, well known for being impartial in disputes, and often tends to be moderate in his comments and decisions. It is unfortunately for his reputation as such that he infrequently has time away from being required to take part in real-life situations requiring those traits.


One major focus of the guild is on roleplay. Most members, though not all, participate strongly in roleplay, in particular public roleplay where others not of the guild are encouraged to interact with the plots and events being organised and run. Many of the plots involve PvP combat, religious, or military themes, ranging from large-scaled campaigns to simple excuses for entering battlegrounds and arenas.
The guild has taken part in, and organised, several public RP events that are designed to involve multiple guilds on an official standpoint, however the guild does seem slow or loathe to respond to requests for "soap opera" RP events, where the plot revolves around the relationships between particular characters.


The Cult was founded with three major metaplot lines. The deification of their leader, Zenithas Tho'renias; the eradication of threats to the peoples of the Horde; and the gathering of personal strength for all members of the guild.
To these ends, most 'official' RP events created are to these aims, using a pseudo-religious series of texts (the "Teachings of the Zenith") to justify various unsavory activities such as assassination, torture, genocide, group suicide, and other actions. As such, the theme behind the guild's roleplay can be often described as equally villainous and antiheroic; villainous in the lack of restrictions of behavior when acting towards the canon roles of the guild, antiheroic in the canon aims of the guild.
The 'mature' outlook of the guild often creates speculation that sexual themes are contained in these plotlines, to which the guildmaster has not alluded the positive or negative. Officially, the Cult of the Zenith holds the stance of letting individual members persue what they wish, so long as they obey the Terms of Service of the game, public decency, and guild rules and conditions. This has not stopped rumors pertaining to the conduct of the guild, including that the guild focus is "ERP" (erotic role play), as opposed to "RP-PvP".
Common themes with members are often mixtures of fanatic, powermonger, warmonger, psychopath, sociopath, lovers of violence and chaos, mercenary, military directors, persons seeking direction, dark researcher, avenger, and lovers of mysticism style stories and backstories.
Though the metaplot of the guild is the eventual deification of their leader and guildmaster, it is accepted Out of Character that the goal is unobtainable, though this has not stopped some members from proclaiming In Character that Zenithas has already become a god in his own right.

Teachings of the ZenithEdit

The guild leader has taken time to begin creating a series of pseudo-religious texts for the purpose of being used as a roleplaying prop. The full list can be found at:

Cross-Faction RoleplayEdit

The Cult has a history of being able to organise cross-faction RP-PvP plotlines; mostly through some members having multiple accounts or friends across the faction line. This service sometimes extends to cross-faction premade battlegrounds; the results are interesting to take part in.
At present, the Cult is organising a world RP-PvP event: "Thandol Span". The details of this can be found on the Ravenholdt Roleplay Sanctum as they close to finishing arrangements.


The Cult of the Zenith often engages in active RP-PvP activities, such as in-character premade battlegrounds, and world PvP, using roleplay to both justify the activities in particular as well as throughout the event, using /yell commands to organise and coordinate attacks, emotes, and /say dialogue through the event.
In Character, the major focus of the guild's military attentions is divided between Wintergrasp and Alterac Valley; world PvP in all four continent servers is still covered, however, and the guild frequently strikes small towns in contested zones for IC purposes. In Character, the results of these attacks are recognition by the Horde, recognition by the guild, slaves and captives, gold profit, and the disruption of actions by the alliance.

Battleground PremadesEdit



World PvPEdit

PvP AlliancesEdit

RP-PvE and PvEEdit


The guild's semi-regular clearing of Karazhan is a good example of their RP-PvE; the plot of this particular event is that the Cult of the Zenith has claimed Medivh's tower, Karazhan, though once a week the effects of the ley-lines nearby causes the interior to shift through dimensions, causing all the ghosts, elementals, and demons once cleared away to return.
Once a week, or thereabouts, the Cult will endeavor to clear the tower from Midnight to Prince Malchezaar.


Most of the cult takes part in regular heroics, both at level 70-grade and level 80-grade. It is not uncommon for members to be seen in involvement in such, whether for gear, dailies, or the experience with such.
There are no obligations with the guild to take part in regular heroics, at any level.

Raiding and ProgressionEdit

Currently, the Cult participates in semi-regular 10-man raids for endgame content, and many members are experienced with the heroic (and "hard-mode") equivalents to the same. There are three raid leaders who assist with those duties; Miza, Snowbane, and Reinhart.

PvE AlliancesEdit

Structure Edit

Despite the original anarchic growth of the early Cult, the current Cult of the Zenith has a rigid military structure, which defines the rights and duties that said members have within their organisation. These specific, and often change as required, or to reflect reward or punishment for duty (or lack of).
It should be noted that as with all ranks, less savory or polite terms are sometimes coined for the "informal" names given to some members. Such should be best left to the imagination.

Godhead Edit

The title taken by the Cult's leader, Zenithas Tho'renias. Formerly, it implies his seeking to achieve divine power through archaic means. Informally, it represents his standing within the Cult; all events, whether mundane or extraordinary, begin or involve him. As a true personality Cult, the leader is it's center.

Praetor Edit

Plural: Praetorii
Informal: Prattle, Priestess (female), Priest (male)
The rank immediately below Zenithas in the structure, the Praetor hold the same level of power as their leader, and often work as 'His will' to the order itself. Tasked with the roles of holding the fracticious members together fluidly, these tend to be at once more forgiving and harder-willed members of the militant group.
Of late, Zenithas has taken to giving more power to the command of the Praetorii, including deferring to them in judgement over matters of importance. Those who give a mind to such matters take note that such deference is not always given willingly.
In the Past
Formerly, this rank was known as the "High Priestesshood", and was comprised of few beyond those rumored to have intimately known the leader-cum-godling. Recent upheavals have suggested this may not be the case.

Eclipse Edit

Informal: Shadows, Spectres, Ghosts
"I stood at the field of battle, the sun darkening before my vision; millions stood around me as my armor was being placed upon me. Five, and then eight spurs strapped to the gauntlet of my right hand. These are the numbers of those who shall Eclipse the Zenith, and so their shadow shall fall on creation."
(quoted from a speech given by Zenithas Tho'renias at the Cult's claimed Moonglade grounds)
A fitting term for this elite cadre of Cultists that have earned a special position within the order; as an actual Eclipse, they are rare, numbering only one of each road of life that members can hold; one priest, one paladin, one shaman, one druid, one warrior, one rogue, one mage, one warlock, and one hunter. They are reputed to act as police over the order, silent, watchful shadows empowered to take from any of the order the immortality that is granted by their leader.
Also as an actual Eclipse, those of this rank are given order to block the world from the 'sun' - they alone are rumored to watch their godhead for signs of instability, insanity, or any other force that threatens his role as protector, and not conquerer, of the Horde. Other than that, little is known of them - they take orders directly from their Godhead and the Praetorii, and have been granted tasks throughout both Azeroth and Outland.
In the Past
For a long time, the Eclipse fell by and largely inactive, with few members seen in public activity.
Of what little is known of them from the past, there was often tumult in the order; some some would leave in the past due to conflict between ranks, and some being casualties of battles within and without the warfronts of the Horde. It is ironic that they, being the chosen of the Zenith himself, were not risen from the grave as they were promised.
Previously in the order, also, priests and those death knights released from the Scourge were not given a place amongst this command of the order.

Harbinger Edit

Informal: Harpies, Butchers
A rank given to those stressing the skill of their chosen role in life, the Harbingers are expected to take numbers of Cultists into battle in military assaults in the field, whether of organised preplanned sorties, or of rapid raging fires of in barbaric destruction. More of this rank have shown in late times, which indicates the order's gradual shift into more rigid discipline.
Harbingers, as with Elementals, answer directly to a higher member of the hierarchy of the Cult, though all lower in the order are theirs to give commands to.
In the Past
Formerly a much less specialised role, the Harbingers were effectively a herald of the Rising Zenith, with a Harbinger of the Zenith being equal parts follower, assassin, and advocate of the Cult; heading to areas their leader could not, and spreading both news and messages from him. At times, these 'messages' may be provided to their target in the form of attempts on their life, or even in the form of spying. Although it was impossible to know their exact number due to the requirements of their role, it was evident that few existed within the Cult.

Elemental Edit

Informal: Eternals, Primals, Almoners
Currently, the rank of Elemental seems to be offered more and more commonly to the "social" members of the order, possibly leading the rank into a direction utilising such. As more Almoners become prominent in social events, it is likely that this rank of the order will deal with public speaking, propaganda, or even recruitment.
Elementals, as with Harbingers, answer to the higher members of the hierarchy of their order, but give commands to those given below them. However, unlike normal members of the order, Elementals may order the Harbingers to act on their behalf, should things become difficult to handle for themselves.
In the Past
Previously, those then named the Almoners of the Zenith were those tasked with maintaining the 'spiritual purity' of the order. Equal parts military and religious order, the rank of Almoner maintained the moral and ethical health that is oftentimes lacking in groups devoted to bloodshed.
It should be noted that as Zenithas was the main authorising force for this position, the 'morality' given by these padres was best compared to that of the Scarlet Crusade - That as their opponents were lacking in compassion and mercy, they too should ignore 'righteousness' for the success of a goal. Given the bent of the order to the eradication of their foes, this comparison is uniquely accurate.

Desecrator Edit

Informal: Ashes, Ashwraiths, Defilers
Desecrator is a rank given to those in the service of the Godhead, who are devoted to the gathering of wealth and prestige for the order. Given to the command of those below them in rank, they answer to all above them, though theirs is a specialised role to the capture of hidden and buried treasures, of gathering materials from the raw earth and from bounties of both flora and fauna.
In the Past
This rank was previously a specialised one formed for a specific, but unknown purpose. It is no longer in the same active service, in obviousness. From outside reports, the members that held this title at that time are no longer in this world, which is surprising given the focus that the order has on defeating death.
From what little is known of the previous members who held this title, it is apparent that the rank held great importance with dealing with the Emerald Nightmare.
Currently unused thanks to glitchy guild controls.

Devourer Edit

Informal: Bloodied, Gorgers
Blood is given to those of the order, and blood is given to the purpose of granting life eternal to the 'faithful'. Those of the Blood Captains who distinguish themselves above the Captaincy through either raw might or cunning may be given to this rank, and granted power over those of lower standing in the order.
As a Captain commands Acolytes, a Devourer commands the Captains as a general would the field. Unlike a Captain, Devourers do not directly command small 'squads' of lower members, instead giving orders so long as they do not impede or contradict those of higher or equal rank.
To ascend to the rank of Devourer, a Captain must defeat a Devourer in witnessed, formal combat. Captains may also be awarded the rank for meritious service. Only Elementals or higher in the order may witness the match, and both the Devourer and Captain must be aware of the stakes of the duel. Should the Devourer be defeated, he is lowered to Captain in rank, the victor taking the title "Devourer" instead.
In the Past
Formerly, the Blood Devourer rank would expire after a week; to maintain their standing, a Blood Devourer had to maintain their prowess in battle. The rank was achieved by an Acolyte first defeating another Acolyte, and then as a Captain, defeating another Captain. Both tests were simultaneous, at the Blood Trials.

Captain Edit

Informal: Commanders, High Cultists
Differing from their lessers by merit of battle, the Captains command the Acolytes in their battles and advise them in their studies. Given to their duties by right of strength, they are given also the right to use the Acolytes, Novitiates, and Initiates to their will. Nothing they order may be disobeyed, unless such is contradictory to that given by higher rank.
At their recognition of rank, a Captain may be given choice of up to four Acolytes to form as a "Claw"; these five are expected to work together fluidly in combat, the Captain forming as their commander in the field.
To ascend to this rank, an Acolyte must defeat a Captain in witnessed, formal combat. Both the Captain and Acolyte must be aware of the stakes of the duel. Devourers may lose their rank in a witnessed duel, and descend to the title of Captain as well. Should a Captain be defeated by an Acolyte, he takes the lower rank as his own; only the victorious shall rise.
In the Past
Previously, High Cultist was a position given to those of the Cultist rank for meritious service, and was the standing of any member who is being appraised for a higher post in the Cult. Both a reward and punishment, the High Cultists are often scrutinised of late history. This rank has also been known as "Blood Captain", and for a time was given weekly, and rescinded just as quickly, to Acolytes who defeated other Acolytes at the Blood Trials.

Acolyte Edit

Informal: Cultists, Cattle, Serfs, Students
The most common member of the Cult, these are the 'full members' of their faith. Often devoted to their leader's teachings, their duties are to study the world around them, study themselves, and to improve themselves daily. The most numerous of the Cult, they are also often segregated into new roles by their leader, or by those in higher rankings than themselves.
The Acolytes are given dominion only over the Novitiates, and Initiates, and they may order these as they see fit, unless such orders breach the commands of those of higher ranks.
Unlike many groups or organisations, becoming an Acolyte requires that a Novitiate be tested by a hazing ceremony, known as the "Trials of Faith. It is not sure how the achievement is used at present times. By this action, they are told that they are in holding of a freedom from death, and that they are capable of living for eternity by the blood of their 'god'.
In the Past
Previous to the return of Zenithas from his time spent in Mount Hyjal, these were given the name Cultist without the acceptance of the blood that is their "god's". Following this, they have also been known as Blood Cultists, and Blood Acolytes. The rank was previously gained only by being drowned, at the "Trials of Faith".

Novitiate Edit

Informal: Novices, Recruits, Meat, Fodder
Once accepted by the higher of the order, Initiates may be posted to this intermediate position - they still have the same standing as Initiates in truth, but many times higher ranking members will allow them leniency with access to different rights given normally to Acolytes, including to a limited extent the ability to order the Initiates around.
In the Past
This rank was first added to the order after discussions about the time sometimes taken for Zenithas to get to the initiations held at Fray Island.

Initiate Edit

Informal: Novices, Recruits, Meat, Fodder
Those of this rank are not 'members' as yet, being still yet untried in their faith and strength of will. Supplicants to the Cult at large, they are on occasion taken at the behest of those higher in standing, even in the case of drawing them forth as fodder for battle, or playthings for the more 'debauched' members of the hierarchy. As they pass their tests of strength, they are promoted to Acolyte rank, though their trials are seldom ceased.

Notable CharactersEdit

Jagane Brewers - Praetor of the Cult, and one of the officers, she's been a member since the day after it was made, initially immediately promoted to High Cultist (what would have at the time been the equivalent of Blood Captain/Devourer), she took her responsibilities seriously and from there was promoted to the Eclipse and after a brief shake-up where all members were demoted, was promoted to Praetor on merit. In character she was born to a low class family with a history of madness, her mother was executed by a hunter after she had killed Jagane's father in an insane grasping for mana after the sunwell fell, becoming wretched. As a result, Jagane, a child of 14 at the time, switched her choice of profession to honor her mother's killer. Though not exceptional in one on one combat, Jagane is better in combat in a supportive role with a group. As she isn't very individually combat oriented she mostly acts as the counselor of the order, being a sympathetic ear for those that need someone to listen to them. Her only surviving family member is her father's cousin, Traiste.
Traiste Brewers - Harbinger of the Cult. Traiste, though having held higher positions (having been one of the High Priestesses when the status was based around intimate relations with the Godhead), has never taken any responsibility seriously. Though often torturing various members of the cult and bystanders outside of it for her own amusement, she has never used her rank as a support for any of her actions. She's mainly only been interested in her own sadistic entertainment, despite what consequences may follow. She'll blatantly claim that there isn't anything such as friends as relationships are formed due to mutual advantage and nothing more. Despite this, for the most part she seems incredibly cheerful, unless bored, and even amused at her own irritability. The only thing she seems to give the slightest care for is Jagane, and even then seems likely to sell out her own blood kin if it was mildly advantageous and loosely could be considered for Jagane's own good despite what injury this would do the the hunter. Traiste is gifted in the healing arts, and has a somewhat disturbing fascination with harpies.

Past Notable CharactersEdit

Sarmeil Mordanas Vershond - Former Harbringer of the Cult. Vershond claims to hail from an island known as Gefallinon that is in the edges of the Maelstrom. A mage of considerable power who specializes in blood magic, corrupted by a fragment of a demons power within him, and recently driven mad by the whisperings of the Old Gods, he still fights to raise an army to help him regain his homeland from the undead that he has been fighting for many years already before coming to Azeroth. Master to the Deathknight Reinhart, he moves through the background of things, gaining information through the eyes of his servant, and from the reports of his brother, the paladin Lodivicus.

Guild Laws and RulesEdit

As any other guild, guidelines and rules are expected to be followed. The Cult has a long list of rules that are informally enforced; primary of these are the Raiding and Event Courtesies, and the Guild Legal Information.

Raiding and Event Courtesey Edit

Attendance at roleplay, PvP, or PvE events requires some medium of discipline; these are considered some standard guidelines to follow when attending guild-run events.

Of Attendance and NoticeEdit

* If you're invited, please click that little "Accept" or "Decline" button.
* If you're not sure that you can make it, contact the organiser to have you put on "Standby".
* If you've accepted? Show up.
* If you've accepted and find out you can't show? Tell the organiser.
* If you're organising the event/raid, remove people who are on "Decline"
* Remember that most cross-timezone events involve some people skipping sleep for attendance.
* Please remember that holding up the event delays their sleep.
* If you're going to show up, be late only if you have a good reason for it.
* Sleeping in is not a 'good reason' unless you've warned people 'forehand.
* Arrive on the toon you accepted on, please.
* Bank after the event.
* Be ready for summoning at the time of the event. Heroics/RP/etc can start after if needed.
* Please remain within the provised guidelines, areas, and timeframes.
* Be ready for the event, get necessary food/drink/reagants beforehand.
* Decide your planned goals and objectives before coming to an RP event.
* Simply getting involved can be a goal on it's own. Same with getting paid.
* Please discuss goals that may cause difficulties to others with said others beforehand.
* Please discuss disruptive goals with the event organiser 'forehand. They will likely join the fun.
* Be fully repaired. Have your gear already socketed/enchanted/patched beforehand.
* Bring any equipment you know you are going to need
* Special (ie; resistance/PvP) gear sets should be on you.
* Start heading for the appropriate zone on your own.
* Be prepared to summon OTHER people if necessary, even if you didn't get summoned yourself.
* Only get into trouble you can handle before the event.
* Keep out of trouble that will hold you up
* Picking on a raid at a summoning stone and then being camped will hold you up.

Of Behavior in /ra and on VentEdit

* If you don't have Ventrilo, please get it if possible. It's at
* You won't need a mic, but it helps to hear what's happening.
* If you have Vent but not the details of our server, contact the organiser.
* Most of our officers have the details as a macro to the raid channel.
* If you're in the raid/event and on Vent, please stay in the appropriate room.
* Please keep unrelated chatter to a minimum; we have a "chat" room for that.
* Please keep related chatter legible and concise. "I'm dying" helps no-one to find out what's up.
* Announce your name when calling out; ie "Curse of Exhaustion, on Zenithas"
* Please keep chatter to a social volume. We're not fining you DKP for not knowing what the F to do.
* Please be polite. Keep drama, personal slights and bigotry, and other unrelated problems out.
* Please listen to the raid leaders/event organisers when they give directions.
* Please only drop DPS/heal/etc charts at the end of boss fights.

Of Behavior for Raid Looting and Gear Edit

* Master Loot is usually also Raid Leader.
* Loot Threshold is set to blues+. All greens/greys/whites are yours to do whatever with.
* Rares/Epics are on a "need or greed" justify to RL basis.
* If an item is an upgrade for your role(s) in a raid, you can "need" it.
* If an item is not an upgrade for your role(s) in a raid, you can "need" it for RP/DE purposes.
* RP/DE comes only if said item is not an upgrade for anyone.
* Classes who can wear plate/mail/leather may roll on "lower" items if it is an upgrade.
* If no-one "needs" an item for RP/DE/upgrade, it's up for random "greed" roll.
* Shards should be distributed as per regular "greed".
* Please only "need" for DE by the above guideline.
* Any raid member may gain only 1 (one) item of useful Tier gear per raid.
* If all available members pass, you may gain another item of useful Tier gear.
* If all available members have gained useful Tier gear, you may gain another item of T-gear.
* The RL will announce the item in /ra channel. Please mention if and why you "need" it, and just /roll.
* Roll when needed. Late rolls cannot be accepted.
* Remember that the announced item is usually passed within seconds.
* After loot rolling is done, keep moving to the next area/boss.
* RL is usually DPS, so that trash can continue being cleared without pause.
* For brevity, we suggest making a /roll macro for you to hit if you are in combat/busy.
* Remember that if you can't get what you want, you likely can next time it drops.
* Remember that every member of the raid gets equal work, and equal chance at loot.
* Raid members are not biased by guild.
* We do notice if people "need" a lot of things.
* This is only a problem if you don't -actually- need them.
* Issues about other raid members should be brought to the raid leaders.
* Such issues should be brought up as soon as practical.
* Issues about raid leaders should be brought to the appropriate guildmaster.
* All such issues should remain until after the raid, please.

Of Behavior for EventsEdit

* Please remember your posts and actions reflect on you and the event.
* Spamming, griefing, camping, and so forth reflect badly.
* Please remember to keep IC IC, and OOC OOC. Characters usually do not reflect players.
* Please remember that OOC knowledge does not reflect IC knowledge equally.
* Please keep character powers, abilities, moves, and so forth within reason.
* Please allow other people to have opportunity to react to your actions for themselves.
* Please remember to react to others actions; someone stabbing you should see you bleed.
* Detailed lore discussions should be kept to private channel, please, or held until after the event.
* Remember your character's goals and objectives at that event. Work towards them.
* Behave as you would in character.
* Please listen to PvP or PvE raid commands from the raid leader.
* Raid leaders, please organise orders by role or group only.
* For RP-PvP and RP-PvE, please organise orders in /y rather than /ra.
* Remember; events are to have fun with and at. Fun is not the same for everyone.
* Please keep OOC drama/slights/bigotry out of the event. If needed, bring it up OOC afterwards.
* OOC issues should be brought to the event organiser as soon as practical.
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Legal Terms and Conditions Edit

The guild has a lengthy legal document provided on it's guild website that describes a good portion about the legal conditions of entry to the website. It has also since been adopted to cover the ventrilo server as well. The main provisos in these are that the users are effectively stating that they are legally adults in their local country, that they cannot take legal action as a result of being offended by chat they experience within the guild, and that they cannot engage in behavior against the Terms of Service of the World of Warcraft game servers.

Guild ResourcesEdit

On and offline alike, the Cult of the Zenith has a lot of resources available to them. A stable leadership, long history of immersive roleplay, and strong PvP players all contribute to security within the game environment. Other than in the World of Warcraft game server, the members have access to a lot of facilities and assistances; legal assistance in addition to advice and counselling, as well as the standard online resources most guilds would assume to have.

Ravenholdt WikiEdit

The Cult of the Zenith has another wikia entry; at The Ravenholdt Wiki is a collection of wikia entries specificially designed for the Ravenholdt US World of Warcraft game server.


The Cult of the Zenith uses Ventrilo to communicate verbally, as opposed to the in-game voice system Blizzard provides. Their fifty-man voice server is hosted in Houston, Texas, and is owned by

Guild BankEdit

The guild bank at present has five tabs, allocated individually as:
* "Materials" (crafting materials)
* "Armory" (uncommon equipment and RP gear for any class)
* "Library" (glyphs, tradeskill recipes, scrolls, and reputation faction items)
* "Alchemy Kitchen" (consumables, and item enhancements)
* "Officers" (rare, epic, and hard-to-obtain items, locked to non-officers)
All ranks other than Initiate are allowed to make access to the guild bank tabs, and donation is encouraged, not enforced. Intermittantly, a member of the guild ("Imtani") will make withdrawls from the bank to float on the auction house. The proceeds of these sales is deposited into the guild bank, for repairs and member use.


The Cult of the Zenith has a commercial website;, though it is freely admitted by the guild leader that the website is not maintained, and in bad need of a new webmaster. He has on occasion even taken the steps of advertising for one to apply for the position as a paid employee of the guild, in cash, not gold.

History and DramaEdit

At founding, the Cult was an extremist faction of religious fanatics and mercenary warmongers hailing mostly of dissatisfied forsaken, sin'dorei, and darkspear trolls. Devoted to the teachings of it's leader and 'godhead', Zenithas Tho'renias, a fallen Blood Knight of Silvermoon City, despite persecutions, rumors, and being shunned by many "loyal" blood elves.
The Cult flourished into it's niche of teaching initiates and cultists of self-improvement and self-reliance whilst simultaneously waging impromptu war on the Alliance. Many trappings surrounded the Cult's religious rituals, including the infamous 'initiations', wherein the applicant was drowned in the waters near Fray Island, and accepted as a full member once they are brought back to this world by their leader. Enduring rumors of treasonous or illegal activities, the Cult to this day seems largely law-abiding, and almost fanatical in it's role in defending the Horde from it's aggressors.
On occasion, the order comes under assault from various persons claiming that the guild is primarily focused on "ERP" (erotic role play) as opposed to RP-PvP. Rumors circulate roughly bi-monthly, and have been traced to persons who feel slighted by the guild, or horde accounts of alliance players who have been given a sore blow in PvP. On occasion, [server trolls] will also announce it widely, which can have an effect on the rumor chain.

Legal DramaEdit

The Cult has had drama associated with it; in the middle of 2008, a pair of well-known server trolls (not to be confused with Darkspear) began to systematically harass the Cult after an imagined slight by one of the two. The aggression continued for six months unabated, despite promised intervention by World of Warcraft Game Masters.
The guild leader, Zenithas, initiated legal action against one of the two in late 2008, the proceedings bringing the two trolls to cease their actions against the Cult, and apologise for their behavior. It should be noted that this is the first known case of a troll having successful legal claim against them in a court of law.

RP Holdings and BasesEdit

The Cult holds a number of areas at present, having allocated or claimed houses or halls at:
In Draenor;
Garadar, Zabra'jin, Shattrath City, as well as being openly accepted in Thrallmar, Shadowmoon Village, Stonebreaker Hold, and the Stormspire.
In Kalimdor;
Moonglade, Fray Island, Orgrimmar, Thunder Bluff, and amongst the Timbermaw Firbolg.
In Azeroth;
Booty Bay, Old Lordaeron, Kargath Outpost, and it is rumored, they periodically lay seige to the old ruins of Medivh's Tower.
In Northrend;
Conquest Hold, Vengeance Landing, New Agamand, Warsong Hold, Agmar's Hammer, Ogrim's Hammer, the Terrace of the Makers, Wintergrasp Fortress, the Shadow Vault, and Camp Tunka'lo; in addition, the membership is often seen collected at the lower halls of the Sanctum of the Obsidian Dragonflight.
At Moonglade, the Cult has laid claim to the former abode of the demigod, Cenarius, an oddly fitting move by their leader, given his goal of seeking divinity for himself.

Relations with Horde GuildsEdit

Relations with Alliance GuildsEdit

Guild Signature

Cult of the Zenith Expanded Signature

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