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Horde 32 Cruel Intentions. Guild on Dragonblight EU Edit

Guild Edit

Cruel Intentions is a guild boasting a community of players, helping each other with quests, instances, raids, and reaching the end game. With several long term officers of the guild, Cruel Intentions aim to progress through raids with experience as well as a friendly envrionment.

Recruiting as always is a high priority, though looking primarily for players who will stick with us through the good and the bad...

Visit our forums and introduce yourself at:

Contact Edit

Please feel free to post on the forums, or contact us in game on the Dragonblight EU Server:

[Guild Master]

Note - Kalnor is our recruitment officer. Contact him for application queries.

Raiding Times Edit

Cruel Intentions are currently doing weekly raid runs.

Raiding times are mainly weekday evenings with:

Wednesday at 7pm Game Time: Obsidian Sanctum Heroic
Thursday at 7pm Game Time: Naxx Heroic (4 Hours)

These days and times are continously updated by the raid officer. Also these will be schedule through our guild website

Guild Raiding Progress in WOTLK Edit

Obsidian Sanctum Edit

Shadron Tenebron Vesperon Sartharion
Completed Completed Completed Completed

Naxx Arachnid Quater Edit

Anub'Rekhan Grand Widor Faerlina Maexxna
Completed Completed Completed

Naxx Construct Quater Edit

Patchwerk Grobbulus Gluth Thaddis
Completed Completed In Progress In Progress

Naxx Plague Quater Edit

Noth the Plaguebringer Heigan the Unclean Loatheb
Completed Completed Completed

Naxx Military Quater Edit

Instructor Razuvious Gothik the Harvester The Four Horsemen
Completed Completed Completed

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