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Crit Storm is a casual PvE guild consisting of mostly adult players with a gameplay atmosphere that is distinct from other guilds that contain a high number of younger players.

The guild is dedicated towards creating a comfortable playing environment for adult players of varying experience. It's leaders aim to provide a setting in which mature adults can express themselves without worry of offending other players. The guild also aims to bridge the gap between experienced players and newcomers to the game by providing a helpful atmosphere in which to learn. For more information you can contact any of the players listed in the officers section below in game, or email us at [].

History Edit

Crit Storm was formed on Blackwater Raiders by Saurelle with the assistance of Celdin, Elezonada & Ennaed on Sunday March 15th, 2009. After the near collapse of their former guild For Crits and Giggles, the four friends thought it best to move on and create a new guild based on the ideals they all shared. Within twenty four hours of its founding, Crit Storm began to absorb other members from their former guild and it's leaders began open recruitment. The guild's Ventrilo server came online on Monday March 16th, 2009.

Weekly raid schedule Edit


Guild rules Edit

Coming Soon

Officers Edit

Taurelle, Guildmaster 
Level 80 Mage. Contact with any questions, issues, complaints or to join the guild. "Our resident magetank"

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