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This is a guild located at the Darksorrow EU server.

The guild is PvE oriented focusing on instances. The guild has a close nit community with many members knowing at least 5 other members in real life, which gives a real personal feel to the guild.

The GM is Zenev with her loyal officers: Fenrith, Rickamus, Kimble, Caderly, Kaman, Gorgan and Diinia.

Mcsweaty & Kiadi are involved in the guilds 'Special Day release Programme' and appear to be doing well.

Crit are currently working on sending 2 groups a night into Kara and gearing up players in heroic instances

They have started Karazhan and in the first 2 runs have taken down the first 3 bosses.

Keep an eye on this exciting guild for further speedy progress :)

The guild's webpage is here.

Required addons to enter the raids of this guild include Teamspeak software and the CTRA mod.

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