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Crimson Fury is a 25-man progression-focused raiding guild that raids 3 nights per week. Because we officially raid on a limited basis, we expect that our recruits make the majority of raids. We believe that good play is to be rewarded but our emphasis is on a good social experience; while excellent skills and achievements are important, we value our members and want to have fun while working towards a common goal, progression, seeing as much end-game content as we can reach. We expect our members to maintain respect towards not only our members, but others that play the game as they are representatives of the guild.

We are focused on progression and are always looking for talented players to join us. Our 25-man raid nights are Tuesday (6-9), Wednesday (6-9) and Thursday (6-9) with several 10-mans running at various times through the weekend. We expect members to be on time, raid ready with enchants/gems/flasks/food, attend the entire raid, and be respectful of others.

To apply, visit and complete the application. For more information in-game, please speak with Arafinn, Elentara, Taselod, or Daroes.

Guild progress Edit

History Edit

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Weekly raid schedule Edit

Guild rules Edit

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Officers Edit

Penthesilea, Guildmaster 
Guild leader. Raid leader. Enough said.
Equivocal, Officer 
Assistant RL and treasurer extraordinaire.
Cian, Officer 
Assistant RL and master of all things loot related.
Elentara, Officer 
Grievances officer, recruiter and healing lead.
Taselod, Officer 
Communications officer, recruiter and "fun" planner.

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