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The Crimson Eagles have been an active guild since November 23rd, 2004, WoW's official launch day. It was founded by a group of real-life friends who all played actively in the beta and fell in love with this game. We play for fun and have no demands of our membership. We ask only that you treat guild members with respect (playful teasing is allowed and encouraged) and treat non-guild mates with as much courtesy as they deserve. Please keep language light. We don't need any three-hour suspensions. We have no major requirements of our members, though active participation will allow higher rank-progression.

In mid July 2005, the Crimson Eagles joined forces with the Prophets of Vengeance to form an alliance. The Crimson Prophets. While the two guilds remain separate, they share the Crimson Eagles website and forums, the PoV Teamspeak server, and coordinate as one unit for high end instances. For our full Guild Information, check here

Heuric from the Crimson Eagles is also the developer that created the Crimson Eagles Price Guides.


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