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Credo In Lege is a PVE, 10 man focused PVE raiding guild on Trollbane - US. The rough Latin translation is: "I believe in the Law"

Formed to help new raiders see the end game content of Wrath of the Lich King, Credo In Lege adopts a hardcore mentality for it's raids, while maintaining a light schedule of required raiding dates, in order to allow their members the opportunity to access the real world while being able to see progression in end game content. Membership can be attained by speaking with any Raid Leader, the Guild Master, or any raider, also by accessing our website

Guild progress Edit

History Edit

Credo In Lege was founded by Lithana and a core break off from the social guild Diademed Battle Lords. Lithana originated from Bonechewer and sought to help raise the raiding standard on Trollbane, while at the same time, avoiding guild-wide loot rule-sets, and seeking a more modular approach to running a guild. As a result, the name "Credo In Lege" (Or, "I believe in the law") was chosen as a name. As a result, Credo In Lege managed to form a unique, "micro-guild" policy which dictates Raid Leaders are effectively micro-guild-masters of their Raid groups, enabling healthy competition between groups, and swift proficiency attainment for new raid groups.

With its inception during the Ulduar era, Credo In Lege swiftly proceeded to clear all fights with the exception of the General and Yogg. Upon reaching the Trial of the Crusader era, Credo In Lege cleared all regular level content.

Now, as during the Icecrown Citadel era, Credo In Lege presently, as of 4/22/2010, has completed nine of the twelve regular content bosses, and farms the first four in its 25 man.

Guild rules Edit

  • Simple respect. To all members.
  • Raid Leaders and the Guildmaster's word is effective law. Mediators can be approached for recourse.
  • Mediators may ask anything they need to of any members, including the Guildmaster, in order to resolve conflicts. (Within reason.)
  • Raiders are expected to attend raids on time. Notice is required to be given to Raid Leaders in advance involving absence.
  • Rank is granted based on level of responsibility. and character growth. Raider and Captain the peaks of the typical member. This is not due to a lack of appreciation for the standard member, but as a means of easing the pain of maintaining a moderately large member base, with a respectively smaller management head.
  • Asking for rank, especially once one is granted the Raider title, is often frowned up.

Raid Leaders Edit

Lithana, Guildmaster 
Guild leader. Leads a weekly ICC 10 man raid.
Pamradel Raid Leader 
Leads the ICC 25 man, as well as a personal ICC 10 man.
WingedTiger, Specialist 
Leads an ICC 10 man. In-charge of daily guild bank operations.
Saveyou, Raid Leader
Leads an ICC 10 man.

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