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Guild Name: Court of the Ruby Grail

Server: Maelstrom

Faction: Alliance

Website: [1] -

Voice: Ventrilo

Guild Mistress: Severina

Ambassadors: Eledain, Aelita, Orison

Raid Leader: Sturgeon

Bank Officer: Maltemper

Tabard: Black background, white lions, red trim


In the year 2000, Court of the Ruby Grail was formed in Ultima Online. In May 2006 Court of the Ruby Grail was formed on the Maelstrom server when three real life friends left Ultima Online together and joined World of Warcraft

Mission: The main purpose behind The Court of the Ruby Grail is to HAVE FUN, plain and simple! We are a casual, mature adult, family friendly, guild that is focused on having fun and experiencing all that World of Warcraft has to offer. We don’t want to race through levels, we'd rather take our time & enjoy the journey. There is no pressure for our members to reach certain levels in a specific amount of time. We look forward to participating in ALL end game content as well, but don’t want to miss out on anything and everything that comes along the way.

Court of the Ruby Grail has a Ventrilo server.

Court of the Ruby Grail is in an alliance with: Meliora and RIP.

If you wish to be part of a guild that has a family atmosphere, understands that this is a game and not a career and that you have real life responsibilities … then this is the guild for you!


The Court of the Ruby Grail accepts all Alliance races (Human, Night Elf, Draenei, Dwarf and Gnome) & all classes. We ask that you choose the class and professions that you will enjoy. We also accept those of any level. An Initiate must pledge to act always in an honorable manner in game. Right now we are seeking players age 20 or older. Couples are also very welcome. Players that wish to transfer or re-roll are invited to join with an alt and give us a try.


- We value maturity and honesty. We DO NOT want trash talking L33tD00dz!! Maturity is NOT respective of age... no matter how old you are, if you like to have fun and can act like an adult, then this could be the guild for you!

- We do not accept members whose character name is unacceptable by RP Realm standards.

- We value teamwork, fellowship and sharing. However, we do not tolerate those who make constant demands on others.

- We believe in fair play. Gaining advantage through the exploitation of bugs or in ways that are clearly not intended by the designers is unacceptable behavior.

- We require all members to register on the website & fill out an application before you are admitted into the guild.

Role Play: We encourage RP, at the very least, light RP. But we do not consider CRG to be an RP guild. We ask that you always respect the Role Play of others as well. If you find yourself in the company of role players, please try to play along to the best of your ability.

Assisting others: The best way to find like minded people to join the guild is to help others in the game with quests, questions or directions to their destination. If you should come across someone needing aid, please help whenever possible. If you meet someone that could be a good initiate for our guild, please invite them to post on our website. All Officers have the ability to add Initiates to Court of the Ruby Grail. Of course, final approval to move that Initiate up to a full member will be up to the Guild Mistress and the Officers.


We are a close-knit, adult guild with a family atmosphere. We're looking for other mature adult players who want to enjoy WoW as a game, not a hardcore career.

Most of our members are casual gamers ... RL often comes first for us, but not always! Members of our guild have been enjoying low & mid-level instances, Northrend instances and raids, area pvp raids against the horde, arena teams, BG runs & questing events.

If you are looking for a serious, end game raiding guild, then we are not for you. However, if you want to have fun, play the game & work towards common goals together, without worrying about leet doodz, uber gear and the race to lvl 80, then give us a shout!

If you are a mature, easy going person with a sense of humor and looking for adventure, then please visit our Recruitment forums/Application thread & introduce yourself!

If you wish to join the guild, please see the APPLICATION Thread on our website.

  • We ask that members log in game at least once every 30 days. If you are going to be away for an extended period of time, that's fine, just please let a guild leader know so that you are not accidentally purged off of the guild roster.

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