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Council of Elders is a guild dedicated to achieving three primary goals within World of Warcraft©. First, having a good time with friends and like-minded people in a casual game environment; secondly, to foster a helping environment whereby everyone can enjoy the game and progress with the goal of experiencing end-game content; and finally, through these goals, promote friendship, loyalty and trust.

The Council of Elders is NOT a raiding guild. We raid regularly and seriously, but that is not ALL we do. If you ONLY want raiding, we are NOT the guild for you. We want members who desire to be helpful, not just raiders. We play the game in all its aspects.

This guild was formed on Khadgar. If you are interested in applying, go to For more information you can contact Delvthar in game.

Guild progress Edit

10 Man Raid Progression

  • Baradin Hold - 1/1
  • Bastion of Twilight 2/4


  • Icecrown Citadel - 12/12 Heroic
  • Trial of Crusader - 5/5 Heroic
  • Ulduar - 13/13 (Including Algalon)
  • Obsidian Sanctuary - Cleared
  • Ruby Sanctum - Cleared
  • Naxrammas - Cleared
  • Eye of Eternity - Cleared

Weekly raid schedule Edit

Our current raid schedule is under review due to raid lock-out changes. The following is historical raid times from WotLK

Black (10-Man)

  • Thursday, 9:00 PM to 12:00 AM Server
  • Monday, 9:00PM to 12:00 AM Server

Raids are scheduled based on signups and progression. The instances are rotated to allow different people to participate in events.

Raiding rules Edit

The Council of Elders is a casual guild that raids, but that does not mean that our raids are lax or conducted poorly. Because of the design Blizzard has instituted in their raids, we must bring our very best on an individual basis to every raid. The following rules help us to reach goals within the raiding structure while minimizing the more painful parts of raiding (i.e., members of the raid not functioning to their best).

Every time you sign up for a raid, you are stating that you agree with these rules. If you do not agree with these rules, it is advisable to not sign up for our raids as they will be enforced as necessary.

  • 1. You must be able to handle constructive criticism aimed at helping you with issues that occur during a raid. Constructive criticism will only come from Class Leader, Event Leaders, or Officers. Members who have issues with other members are encouraged to take their concerns to the offending member's Class Leader.

If you will fly off the handle when someone offers you a suggestion that is for the good of the group, our raids may not be for you.

If you feel that such criticism is inappropriately provided, document all conversations that are deemed inappropriate and provide that documentation to someone at the AGM level or above. He said-she said conversations will not accepted as they are virtually unverifiable and forces the mediator into a difficult position of deciding who's word is "best". To avoid this and the resultant appearances of favoritism, only documented concerns will be accepted.

  • 2. At any time during a raid, an Event Leader or higher ranked individual within the guild may whisper you to offer corrective suggestions if you are doing something that is detrimental to the raid.

Things you may be whispered about include standing in the wrong place, shooting the wrong target, failing to apply requested crowd control, etc. If your behavior persists, you may be called out on Vent. This will only occur if the quiet method of asking you for correction has not succeeded.

If being corrected during a raid is something you cannot handle, our raids may not be for you. If you have ever been on a raid, you will know that people are not cursed out, cursed at, screamed at, chastised harshly, etc. This atmosphere will continue on Vent, and should give you an idea of how you might be called out.

  • 3. The raids leaders are the ones in charge of the raid. They are not above questioning, but they are also not there for their lovely singing voice. If the raid leader asks you to do something, please make every effort to do as they have requested. This includes managing crowd control (even at the expense of your DPS), moving into the correct position immediately, following the established kill pattern, etc. If you ignore or refuse to do what the raid leader has requested, step 2 of this list will likely be employed.

Raid leaders can and do make mistakes. They are not above criticism and correction. However, over talking them or their strategy on Vent leads to confusion which often leads to wipes. The best time to address a raid leader's strategy is after the raid (or before if you are aware of their plans). If you over talk the raid leader on Vent repeatedly, someone may whisper you to ask you to save your comments for after the raid. An obvious exception is when the raid leader has sought out opinions.

  • 4. Choosing who participates in a raid is a delicate balancing act of class balance, buff availability, and personal performance. Sometimes rotations may be employed to make it as fair as possible for everyone to go, especially for roles that are overpopulated (i.e., DPS).

From time to time, Raid Leaders do make mistakes and omit people inadvertently. When this happens, your proper course of action is to contact them via PMs. Do not whisper them, and do not whisper anyone else. Contact the Raid Leader of the raid in which you felt you should have been chosen in a timely fashion. Only THAT Raid Leader knows why they left you out. I cannot answer that, and nor can any other leader. PMs are the appropriate avenue as well, as they allow the Raid Leader to construct a proper response AND it provides a paper trail to prevent he said-she said scenarios which are impossible to untangle and understand.

If you do not contact the Raid Leader when you are left out, do NOT complain to the AGM, co-GM, or GM weeks and weeks later. It is a herculean task for people to go far back and attempt to decipher the facts when a large amount of time has passed. For example, the raid signup tool only shows who was signed up and selected, it does not give information such as substitutions, early departures, etc.

If you do choose to come to an AGM or above with a complaint, have your documentation ready, including any proof you may need to show that there is an issue. That means that YOU get to study the raid signup tool for anomalies and document them appropriately. Again, he said-she said scenarios are impossible to decipher from a 3rd party perspective, and as such no extended effort will be put into analyzing them.

  • 5. Signing up for a raid and then being selected is no different that promising to show up for bowling night. It is expected that you will make every effort to be on time, and in the event that you will be late, you will make a similar effort to notify the Raid Leader either by posting or via PM. This allows the Raid Leader to decide ahead of time what action to take without also dealing with the chaos of forming the raid.

Real life happens, and we understand that. But, if it's possible to post just anything at all, it is simple courtesy to do so. If you consistently, after being selected for a raid, are a no-show, you may suddenly find yourself not selected at all. Being reliable is a huge asset to offer to another person (or in this case, members).

  • 6. Winning a shiny new toy in a raid is not an automatic reason to hearth back to town. Everyone understands the excitement of winning an item, but leaving the raid to return to town is disruptive to the flow of the raid. If the Raid Leader provides an AFK break, and you have time, the Raid Leader may give you his or her blessing to go to town. Please don't ever hearth out without any warning whatsoever. It's frustrating to everyone involved to suddenly realize that a critical member is standing in Dalaran awaiting a summon.

In conclusion, these raiding guidelines have come about due to a mounting frustration with our raids of late. If you consistently are a liability to a raid instead of an asset, and seem to be resisting constructive methods of helping you rise up to the best you can be, you may be omitted from raids for an indefinite period of time.

Raiding is not about YOU, it's about US.

Raiding is not about the DPS meter, it's about the TEAM EFFORT.

Raiding is not about being RIGHT, it's about DOING YOUR BEST AS INSTRUCTED.

Raiding is not about your EGO, it's about the GUILD'S FUN.

Loot rules Edit

10 Man Content Loot Rules are determined by the Raid Leader.

Raid Looting Rules Edit

  • 10 Man Content Loot Rules are determined by the Raid Leader.

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