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Copula Fatalis is a small guild, primarily aimed at having fun in the world of Azeroth. Whilst the core membership is from England, the United Kingdom, members from various parts of the globe are accepted, providing that no language-barrier were to be formed in the process.

Copula Fatalis was formed on Zenedar, and currently partakes in some PvE and PvP activites. Casual gaming is at the heart of the community, and there are no demands made upon members to participate in activities that may be undesirable or in conflict with real-world concerns. For more information you can contact Johad or Makarin in-game.

Guild news Edit

  • 12th May 2008, Karazhan. Prince downed for the first time!
  • 22nd June 2008, Silvermoon. Guild Meeting takes place.
  • 24th June 2008. Guild Leadership submissions begin!
  • 30th June 2008. Makarin appointed guild leader!
  • 2nd July 2008. Makarin announces that submissions for Officer positions are open until Wednesday 9th July.

History Edit


The history of Copula Fatalis' formation goes back to 2000, with the outfit ,"Terran Special Forces", (TSF) in Planetside. Here it was that the original founders of Copula Fatalis first met: Makarin, Kildrago, DGBViper Equivicator, Wamphyri and Armystice. TSF later became ,"The.Wild.Cards", (TWC) which in turn eventually became, "Link-Dead".

Copula Fatalis was formed in March/ April 2003 from the, "Link-Dead", community in Planetside. Founding members include Makarin, Kildrago, DGBViper, Equivicator, Wamphyri and Armystice. At the time, the goal was to reach level 60 and to proceed to end-game activities.

Off-shoot GuildsEdit

Draconis ImmortalisEdit

In 2007 several members left Copula Fatalis to form Draconis Immortalis.

Shield of FaithEdit

On 28th April 2009, founding members of Copula Fatalis Armystice and Equivicator, along with Strust, left to form Shield of Faith.


Class LeadersEdit

Class Leaders were present briefly from mid-2007 to late 2007, and were intended to provide advice to existing member and introduce new members of their respective class. Following several months of guild inactivity in December 2007 to February 2008, it was decided to abolish this title as it was deemed unnecessary and impractical with the number of active members.

  • Km (Druid) 2007
  • Udy (Hunter) 2007
  • Armystice (Rogue) 2007
  • Johad (Mage) 2007
  • Kamildor (Paladin) 2007
  • Makarin (Priest) 2007
  • Kazzandra (Warlock) 2007


The title of Officer has been in existence since Copula Fatalis' expansion in member numbers in mid-late 2007. However, this title was nearly abolished in June 2008, but was decided to be re-instated following a popular vote by the membership.

Officers of Copula FatalisEdit
  • Km 2006 to 2007
    • Udy 2007 to 2008
    • Luscious 2007 to 2008
    • Strust 2007 to 2008
      • As of January 2008, all members' main characters were given Officer status


Second-in-Command was a title held by Makarin during Johads premiership, and it is uncertain whether this title will be re-instated following Johads resignation as Guild Leader.

Guild LeaderEdit

Following an announcement, Johad stepped-down from leading Copula Fatalis. At the guild meeting on 22nd June 2008, it was decided to hold a contest starting on 30th June 2008. For a week, from 24th June 2008, members were allowed to enter their name to potentially become leader through a vote. However, the only contestant for leadership was Makarin, thus becoming the new leader of Copula Fatalis on 30th July 2008.

Guild Leaders of Copula FatalisEdit
  • Johad 2007 to 20th June 2008
    • Makarin 30th June to Unknown
      • Johad Unknown to Present

Guild rules Edit

Basic Guild Rules Edit

These are open to discussion amongst us. This isn't a dictatorship like guild, as we all know, but one made up of friends and family. So, any discussion on these is more than welcome, and changes and people's thoughts are appreciated. But, here are the basic's at least.

Item DropsEdit

All items are Greed by default, unless the following below:

  • If a BoE item drops and it is an upgrade for you, then you roll need.
  • If a BoE item drops and you don't need it, then you roll greed
  • Items can only be rolled for by the character that you are playing at that time. You cannot roll for another of your characters.
  • No free for all loot. If you are being taken through an instance by a higher level character, do not ask to get all the item drops. The higher level character needs money for repairs and restocks as well. This is unless the high level decides that the drops are too low for him and HE/SHE asks that the loot be set to Free For All.
  • If a BoP item drops and it is an upgrade for you, then you roll need.
  • If a BoP item drops and no one needs it, the everyone passes on the item. A seperate roll is then used to determine the person who wins it. The winner can then choose to sell or shard it.
  • You cannot roll need on an item if you have not been performing that role in an instance. I.E. If you have been DPS'ing through an instance and a Tanking item drops, the person who has been tankning gets first refusal on the item.

Master Looter Rules for RaidsEdit

We use the Master Looter option for sharing out drops. The following rules are enforced.

  • The Raid Leader is also the Master Looter.
  • Any Green item drops are rolled for by the Master Looter using a /random (Raid Members) command and the item is then given to the winner of the role. This helps us move through the instance quickly.
  • Blue and Purple items drops are rolled for by the players who need them by a /random 100 command. The Highest wins the item
  • We have the Main Tank rule in operation. This means that, if an item drops which is an upgrade for one or both of the tanks, then only the tanks can roll on that item.
  • An off-spec character cannot roll on an Item unless all of the characters within the run, who are on-spec, have the item. For instance the Shard of the Virtuous is a healing item. In the raid we have 3 Healers, of which two have the item. The third healer will get priority on the item before the other Hybrids/Casters can roll. This way we can be sure that the correct items go to the people who need them the most to perform their role in the raid.

Guild RaidsEdit

  • Raids start at approximately 8pm - 8:30pm GMT/BST (9pm - 9:30pm Server Time).
  • We start our raiding calendar at Reset, so on wednesday night.
  • You may only bring in one character and not swap through the run or change when we restart on a different day. The only exception to this is if we are short of one role and you have a character that can fulfill that role. So, no chopping and changing characters.
  • Basic rule: Don't run in front of the tanks EVER, since they are the only people who will be pulling. Again, an exception is if a hunter uses redirection on the MT and pulls.

Guild ChatEdit

  • Please don't spam guild chat with items that other people have. They might look nice, but other may be talking with someone not in the guild.
  • Do not show off your items unless it is in the spirit of the conversation.

Item TokensEdit

When we hit Naxxramas and heroic instances, the bosses all drop an Item Token. This token is used to get the T7 and other epic level items from vendors. Rules on this are a little sketchy and do need fleshing out. But the basic premise is:

  • All tokens are classified as Need by all players.
  • Certain Tokens are needed by Specific classes. For instance: Warrior, Priest and Druid, all have the same token. If you have won a token which your class can use, then you cannot roll on that token again.
  • If you have won a token which your class can use, you may not roll on that token again until all classes within that Token's group have recieved that token.
  • Since there are multiple sets for various classes, make sure you pick the correct item. If you pick the wrong item, then you are stuck with it until all the classes in the group have recieved the token.


We use Teamspeak as our voice comms of choice. You must have Teamspeak as standard.

  • Username: Your Main Character name

When you have logged on you will be given the right to register with the server. Please do so as the password to the server will change on a frequent basis.

Officers Edit

  • Makarin, Guild Leader : Holy healbot. Contact for inter-guild enquiries.

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