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Convergence of Duskwood Edit

A Horde guild on the Duskwood US server created on April 12, 2006 with the merger of two smaller guilds: Zeal and Mandolin. Affably referred to as "CV" by members, the guild has a rich history full of intrigue, love, deceit, and unbridled enthusiasm.

Originally created out of a desperate measure of self-preservation due to the player poaching of the guild Sekhmet, Convergence was initially met with skepticism from the rest of the server as mergers characteristically don't work in the World of Warcraft (Convergence has proven to be an exception to this rule). While most attribute the rivalry between Convergence and Sekhmet as a result of the poaching, the few who are "in the know" remember it as a result of the mockery Sekhmet members gave Soulcutter over his Krol Blade of the time. The lack of success and eventual fall of Sekhmet became the first of many guilds to fall due to their contempt for Convergence and started what would become known as the "Convergence Curse".

Due to small numbers, Convergence initially did 40 man raids jointly with another horde guild Pain. Although making excellent progress, the randomized loot system was ironically not falling in the favor of Convergence. The disorganized and misguided leadership of Pain put the pressure on for a merger however the clever Convergence leadership delayed a response just long enough for Pain to show their true colors. Unbeknown to Convergence, Pain secretly had been negotiated an alternate merge with another horde guild which they followed through with leaving Convergence in the cold. With pathetic raid progression and their eventual demise Pain became the second victim of the "Convergence Curse". In the process Convergence had aquired valuable raiding experience and one if its greatest healers and wisest players: Pilsner.

Soon after Convergence was forging ahead and became the first horde guild on Duskwood to kill Ragnaros, the beginning of many horde firsts they would achieve. However Ahsumo, another horde guild on the server was riding their coat-tails, killing Ragnaros just a day after Convergence. With their past raiding experience on the Moonrunner server and their well PvP geared members, Ahsumo became a formidable opponent for Convergence. With the impending opening of paid server transfers Convergence feared that their reign over horde raid progression was at an end. Nevertheless, Ahsumo's devotion to PvP in combination with their short raid schedule led to their eventual fade to the background, and it is widely agreed upon that they are third on the "Convergence Curse" list.

Evil Empire became the fourth "Convergence Curse" victim. A spin-off guild of Sekhmet, it was led by one of the most notorious guild leaders on the server, Ipin who allegedly stole the guildbank from his former guild and transferred it over, bought gold, and had his character powerleveled among other crimes. Possibly one of the most amusing guilds to ever challenge Convergence, Evil Empire was plagued with a manipulative loot system and severe over-recruitment. In fact most players agree that if it were not for the gifted raid leadership of Starso (Yasara), Evil Empire would never have progressed as far into BWL as they did. Unfortunately, the crushed Evil Empire raiding spirit as well as Convergence's defeat of Nefarion led to the start of a shifting mindset and playerbase within Convergence. Many of the core members who had shaped the guild to what it was had left due to RL issues or boredom of raiding and their replacements were mostly the loot oriented players. As a result, Convergence raids became full of "dead weight" and it was forced to compensate with a disproportionately higher ratio of healers in the raids. This in addition to the apathetic and casual nature of many Convergence members greatly impeded their post-BWL raid progression, setting them up for the greatest defeat they were about to face. Many attribute this mentality change as a loss of on of Convergence's most influential officers, Banjobob, who had fostered the community of the guild (and kept the other officers in check).

It is still a controversial subject if Raiding is Hard was the fifth "Convergence Curse" victim, most argue that it was the pre-expansionitis that broke up the guild rather than the curse's doing. Regardless, Raiding is Hard's incredible raid leader, its experienced members (many of whom were former Duskwood Alliance), and the personal vendetta many of its members had against Radiance-one of the raid leaders of Convergence, allowed it to quickly progress through the raiding content of the game and even surpass Convergence by getting multiple horde firsts in Ahn'Qiraj. According to Pilsner's wisdom, if it had not been for the upcoming expansion and resultant raid attrition, Raiding is Hard would have more than likely absorbed the best of Convergence and would've become the strongest raiding guild on the server.

Due to their talented two main tanks and experienced healers Convergence was able to defeat the Twin Emperors before Raiding is Hard, which to date has been their last horde first. Since then Convergence has been a shadow of its former self, while most guilds dissolve when faced with as many issues as Convergence has, their strong legacy of getting up from defeat and rising to the occasion has kept Convergence going strong. While having experienced much player turnover in the past, the irreplaceable loss of their main tank Soulcutter due to RL and their secondary tank Redeemed due to personal conflicts with Radiance has been a heavy burden for the guild with as many changes that had already occurred with the expansion.

For more information visit their official web site

Convergence of Draenor Edit

A 60-only Horde guild on Draenor, dedicated to the end-game experience.

Convergence was the first Draenor horde guild to defeat Onyxia, MC, BWL, and AQ40. Currently only guild on server to fully clear AQ40 (All optional bosses and every bug in trio killed last).

Sadly, the officers of Convergence decided the easiest way to shrink the guild size for the 25 mans was to /gdisband without telling many members. This moved caused some of the best drama Dramanor has ever seen. The core members of Convergence formed the guild Tempered. The leftovers who did not make it into Tempered gravitated towards two other guilds "Trial and Error" and "Reunion". Trial and Error broke ahead in the race to beat endgame and they have now gotten the Server firsts for basically everything including Mt. Hyjal. Bad press and falling behind caused Tempered to disband and most of their players joined Trial and Error or Reunion.

Convergence of Draenor is dead, but they fufilled their original goal of bringing together enough horde to take on endgame on a server with a 4-1 Alliance population imbalance. They beat Ony, MC, BWL, AQ, most of Naxx and made the horde proud.

Convergence of Draenor web site

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