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"Conclave of the Shade" is a casual RP guild as a Dark Evil Guild using Fel Magic.

We form a group of people, performing the dark arts of fel magic. There envolves a lot of secrecy around our order, only those within our ranks are aware of what -actually- goes down whilst we are far away from the streets of Silvermoon. There's a lot of speculations, people are eager to accuse, however, are we as evil as some claims we are? Or perhaps we are worse? Have you a character whom is different. One whom doesn't fit in amongst the crowd. One whom hungers for something he or she can not find amongst nobles. We provide you a place within our ranks. Should you succeed to fulfill the tasks given, you will work under the wings of the Dark Lord.

If you'd like to preview or to join go to [1]. For more information you can contact our officers in game or make a forum post.

History Edit

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Guild rules Edit

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Main Officers Edit

Itzabella, "Guildmaster
Guild leader.
Nathalía, Vyriand, Masáshi, Doomah, "Assistant Guildmaster"  
Assistant to the GM.