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Computus Demum

Computus Demum Edit

Computus Demum (CD) is a progression-oriented Horde raiding guild on US-Eonar (EST).

We have been active since March 10, 2006 and have a mature player-base that knows how to balance fun with hard work.

For more information please visit our website at

Pre-TBC accomplishments

  • ZG - Clear
  • AQ20 - Clear
  • MC - Clear
  • BWL - Clear
  • AQ40 - The Prophet Skeram, Three Bugs, Battleguard Sartura

TBC accomplishments

WotLK accomplishments

Raid Schedule Edit

~With WotLK raid times have become a bit confusing, this will be updated when things settle down~

We are a relaxed end game raiding guild. What this means is that we only raid 16 hours a week (4 times a week from 8:00pm to 12:00pm)

Raid invites go out at around 7:45 but expect to be on before then so officers can determine what is available/possible to raid.

Because a majority of us have things to do on weekends we do not raid then.


"Yeah, I always thought " Orc warrior, and an android cyber robo insect . Makes pefect sense to me!" - Calavero


  • Monday - off-night
  • Tuesday - 8:00-12:00 Raid
  • Wednesday - 8:00-12:00 Raid
  • Thursday - 8:00-12:00 Raid
  • Friday - off-night
  • Saturday - off-night
  • Sunday - 8:00-12:00 Raid

A raid is considered 25 man content (SSC, TK, Magtheridon, Gruul, Kazzak, Doomwalker) the officers will determine what would be best to attempt that night.

10 Man Raids & Late Night Runs

  • 10 man content is considered optional content and is only done on off-night raiding days. There is usually a 10 man raid every Saturday starting late in the afternoon (starts whenever there are enough on who can go)
  • After the 25 man raid is over there is usually a 10 man raid going 30min to an hour once it is closed. These runs are optional as well and usually end around 3:00am.

Loot System Edit

Computus Demum uses a unique DKP/Open Bidding system

  • Each player starts with zero DKP and gradually accumulated more with raid attendance and boss kills.
  • If an item drops and you want it you type !bid followed by the ammount of points you are willing to place on the item.
    • Example - /Raid !bid 120
  • If someone out bids your bid you may bid again. There is no limit to the amount of times you bid only the amount of points you have.
  • This is all done in raid chat.
  • Your bid may be revoked if...
    • A) you dont need it (melee biding on caster item)
    • B) Major vs Minor upgrade (this is usually obvious to everyone in the raid)
    • C) Main vs Alt/Off-spec
  • Everyone is on an equal playing field when bidding. What this means is someone who has been in the guild for 8 months has just as much chance as wining an item as someone who has been for a week. Basically the idea that Officers > Members > Initiate when it comes to loot does not exist.
  • More points can be awarded to the raid if it is going into new content.
  • People can earn points individually by donating materials to the guild's banks. These materials can be anything the officers decided is needed (List regurally updated on website). However a majority of these items are consumable mats which are crafted and distributed to raid members durring difficult encounters, or if requested (mana/health pots, elixirs, etc.). These 'Donations' vary in points based on the rarity of the item in question.
  • People can earn points even outside the raid if they choose to go onto a waitlist and 'wait' outside the instance. These are people who usually miss the initial raid invite. They however do not get the boss kill points but raid attandance instead. Logging onto an alt is exceptible if you are on the list as long as you tell someone before doing so.
  • Points are updated onto a website were the points for everyone are displayed. People can also view the loot won as well as the ammount of points spent on the item. (this site is updated after every raid)
  • With Wrath of the Litch King all points will be reset back to zero for everyone.

Insight to Computus Demum Edit

  • Computus Demum was originally believed to be the Latin translation of "The Final Reckoning" (hence the banner). No one questioned the guild name until a solid year and a half after the guild was established. Upon careful review a guild member decided to translate it directly, discovering that Computus Demum actually means "final/exact countdown/count". In other words Computus Demum means the "final number in a countdown" (i.e. 10 if counting to 10 or zero if counting down). After this post was made on our forums; Europe's "The Final Countdown" became the guilds theme song.
  • CD was for a long time considered a splinter off of the guild Circle of Power (which for a while it was) however to make refrence to that now would be confusing to many of Computus Demums current members. This is in part by only a dozen or so players have remained from the original guild that formed prior to TBC; these players being mainly officers now. So no longer can the guild consider themselves affiliated with CoP like it has in the past.
  • Who is tanking? OMG Bear is tanking!?!! How can that be?!?
  • Computus Demum is proud to be guilded with the best paladin tank on the server Eonar. Eska is a pompous character who is so tactical about his stats that he keeps a calculator and a pad of paper next to his keyboard to recheck his uncrushability, defence, and basic avoidance to mob ratios every other minute. He is usually willing to help any up and coming pally tank with the basics but can only give so much before trade secrets start to become released. Eska is 6foot tall with blonde hair and blue eyes and likes long walks on the beach. If he can he would wear a suit because he thinks its stylish along with unnaturally comfortable. He likes a good beer every now and then but a nice red wine is his drink of choice. Unfortunately he has decided to take an extended break from the game and does not know when he will be returning.
  • On August 17th 2008 Computus Demum downed Brutallus. This marked a new chapter for our guild because it was our very first "Eonar Horde First Kill" making us the number one horde guild on the server.
  • On October 23rd 2008 Computus Demum announce its Horde server first Kil'Jaeden kill, thus making them the first Horde guild on Eonar to finish TBC raiding.
  • On November 4th 2008 Nayana received the first Thori'dal, the Stars' Fury for Horde side (there is one on Aliance side but it might be a transfer, if it is this is a server first)
  • On November 16th 2008 Eander became the first Horde player to reach 80 as well as the first Paladin on the server to reach 80.
  • On December 21st 2008 Computus Demum downed Sartharion with 3 drakes up becomeing the first on the server to do so.
  • On April 3rd 2009 Slowthar stepped down as GM giving the responsibility back to Airak (FC). FC was the founding GM but passed the job to Calavero (Nayana) when CD was making headway into BWL. Slowthar became the GM at the beginning of the launch of TBC when it was decided that CD needed a new way to present itself as well as allowing Cal to concentrate more on his Tattooing business.
  • On May 21st 2009 Computus Demum has shifted away from being a hard-core 25 man progression guild. This is in do part to a large influx of officers and core raiders schedules and priorities changing.

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