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Guild:Cogsprocket (Thunderhorn US)

Cogsprocket guild logoEdit

Created Feb 13, 2005. Cogsprocket was made by Berlioz, after the fall/merger of the guild Pryde. Was really made to be a casual fun loving guild that tends to help each other out whenever they can. The creation of the guild had started off slowly and burst into over 100+ in the first month of its life. Then events where planned such as foot races around the world that gave out prizes like gold and bags etc. It was not meant to mainly focus on raiding hardcore although the members do raid from time to time and raid times are scheduled from Tuesday-Wednesday 6pm-12pm and Friday-Saturday 7pm-1pm.

Cogsprocket is not known to be a guild that tends to progress fast due to the fact they focus on "Life before games" and "having fun" which doesn't hold interest in people that want to progress and raid hardcore. There are occasional PVP groups that get together to do some Battlegrounds and wacky going-ons in the guild chat where someone steals the Guild Mistress' boxes of twinkies.

History Edit

Guild Masters, Berlioz and Sevin started on the server (Berlioz on launch, Sevin a week after) and joined the guild called Pryde. Pryde, like all other guilds was a leveling guild with goals of hitting end game content at the time. Two months later Pryde's guild leader decided to merge with another guild forcing many members to leave guild to join with the merger or others left to form their own guild. Then Berlioz and Sevin gathered up guild signatures to form Cogsprocket. Out of all the members that signed the guild chater the only one left from the original sign up was Stumpii a Dwarf Paladin.

Berlioz and Sevin had a virtual in-game wedding in the month of April 2005 the week before their real wedding date. Screenshots were taken although none survived from the past Cogpsrocket members. They are still searching for the pictures to post up on the guild's website. After the wedding, the guild masters took a break from the game. Coming back to the game the guild was left with 10 members in March 2007 and the two Guild Masters worked on helping others unguilded and invited them if they had asked to join. Within a month and half the guild was back and flourishing with over 75 members and still growing.

Recruitment Edit

All levels and classes are welcome to join. We have an open invite policy with a week probationary period during said period members may not withdraw from the guild bank or invite new members. This policy is in place to prevent guild bank theft and the innundation of members. Once a new member has been properly vetted for the week period they are promoted ot the rank of Sophomore where they are able to withdraw from general supply tabs and invite new members.

Guild Policies Edit

1. Treat others as you want to be treated. So respect one another.
2. Recruiting is for Sophomore and up so if you stay in the guild for more than a week you will be promoted from Member to Sophomore.
3. Raiding is on a first registered/first come basis. We get the tanks and healers into the raid first to see if we will have a group going before deciding to go. So let raid leaders know that you will be here.
4. Raid is usually Fri-Sun and optional Monday.
5. Raid loot option is

   a) MAIN Tanks/Healers first for tokens. 
   b) MAIN spec
   c) OFF Spec
   d) Open Roll
   e) Enchanter to DE for shards.

6. Promotion are based on how helpful you are past Sophomore and if the officers see that you are doing this you may be voted next rank in the guild.

Policies are subject to change.


Guild Master - Berlioz/Etzel/Round
Co-Guild Master/Raid Leader - Sevin/Atelyn/Aeiryuu
Remaining Charter Member - Stumpii
Local Gnome Eater - Golerth

Raid RequirementsEdit

OMEN Threat Meter/Threat Indicators - Threat meters save lives. Omen is not the only one out there but it is the most prominent and useful and, therefore, is the one that garner's Cogsprocket's sanctioned support. Any threat indicator is accepted but Omen is suggested.

Ventrilo - So many fights require quick communication between raid members. Because of this voice communication is a necessity. While the ability to speak is not required the ability to take verbal instruction saves time and in many cases is a must. Other voice chat options are available but Cogsprocket uses Ventrilo. Raiding with us requires it.

Flight - Given the positioning of raid instances in the current level of expansion content the additional requirement of flight capability has been added. We cannot guarantee that we will have the means to bring you into much of the instanced content if you are not able to reach the instanced content under your own power so the ability to fly is essential. Especially with the introduction of Ulduar requiring flight to reach the instance portal from the summoning stone.

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