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General InformationEdit


Circle of the Yeti

Server: Server:Sen'Jin US

Faction: Alliance


This guild was formed on Sen'Jin. We are focused on endgame raiding, but with a casual attitude. We are not hardcore raiders, just people looking for a good time.

Guild ProgressEdit


This guild was originally formed by Kutinky and a small group of former members of the guild Infinitum Knights. We originally focused on lower level instances such as Stratholme and Blackrock Spire. We have recently begun raiding, with great success. We are hoping to start running Molten Core on our own soon.

Weekly ScheduleEdit

  • Raid - Friday, 8:00 PM Server, Saturday and Sunday, 4:00 PM Server
  • PvP night - TBA
  • Alt night - TBA

Guild RulesEdit

  • This is NOT a hardcore raiding guild, so if you can't make it to every run, that's fine.
  • If you are attending a raid, we ask that you be at the instance entrance, ready to go, 15 minutes before start time.
  • We use a Suicide Kings system for loot.


  • Guild Master: Quoi
  • Officers: Orepitus, Krihavock, Brata, Warprinces, Oneofmuchgas, Keeblerr, Mandril, Athanasius, Grimslade

The guild is run by council, with all officers, including the GM, having an equal say in decisions.


We are currently seeking new players to join us in preparation for larger and more frequent raids. We are currently accepting mages, priests, and druids. If you are interested, please submit an application on our website.

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