Guild: Circle of the Moon

Server: Earthen Ring, Alliance

Type: Role Playing (Light)

Guild Website: (Circle of the Moon)

Information: Circle of the Moon is a mature, non hardcore RP guild. The guild is mostly PvE oriented but members are free and encouraged to follow their own path. The Circle is a great family that shares resources and information. Guild meetings and RP events are organized on a monthly schedule, together with regular instance runs.

The Circle of the Moon was founded on 27th February 2005 on the World of Warcraft European Earthen Ring Server.

This makes CoTM one of the oldest surviving guilds on any Warcraft Realm!

CoTM is led by the Shan'do (Archdruid) Jak'arth Zha Xundus and a select few high ranking Wardens though the guild prides itself on its democratic nature and tries to cater for all players of all shapes and sizes.

Our mission statement is to provide a safe haven where mature like minded players can come together, socialise, make friends and above all enjoy their time in the gaming world.

Outside of the officer classes, the guild ranking system is made up as follows:

Trialists: New members of the guild who have recently applied who are within the trial period of 2 weeks. Should they complete this period successfully then they will become a,

Wisp: The first rank within CoTM. When a member has proved their worth they will be promoted to the next rank which is,

Scout: As a member progresses through the ranks they will find that they have increased privileges such as more access to the guild bank. The final rank before becoming a warden is,

Sentinel: The highest none officer rank.

As you can see from the above, the Guild Structure is fairly straight forward. The Wardens are here to help make your World of Warcraft Experience better which ultimately is the main aim of CoTM. Any questions, problems etc. please contact a warden who will only be too happy to help.

Should you be interested in learning more than please don't hesistate to make an enquiry via our forums or by contacting Jak'arth or one of the Guild Wardens directly in game.

Contact: Jakarth, Jozula, Tyril, Talorg, Orchidee, Veenter . Or feel free to visit our website.

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