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Circle of Myths Edit

What kind of guild we are Edit

There are several types of guilds in World of Warcraft (as well as other MMO's). There are raid guilds that focus on doing the big instances. There are PvP guilds that live on the battlegrounds. There are familiy guilds that can have any focus. And then I suspect there are quite a few guilds that just are, with no particular focus except for being a collection of players.

Circle of Myths fits best in the family category. We are a guild of friends that has grown together over the years. Some of us has played several MMO's, kept in touch and ended up in WoW. From there we've continued to accumulate new friends.

We are a guild of grown-ups that happen to like computer games and MMO's in particular. In other words: adults only, but not quite X-rated.

We mainly engage in PvE activity, though some of us do PvP too. We do instances together, we quest together and we help each other out with levling our smaller alts. We are all helpful, will share equipment and build for free or for cost if it requires expensive bits. And ninja looting isn't even in our vocabulary. We often play with free-for-all loot since everyone will freely share what we find. If we can't agree on who should have an item, we roll for it. The exception is in raids where division of loot tend to become complicated.

Hard rulesEdit

There's basically only two rules that are absolute in the guild.

The first one is that we do not recruit anyone younger than 20 years.

The second rule is that members are expected to behave. In game we run around tagged with our guild name and bad behaviour will reflect upon us all. So the rule of thumb is: "Be nice".

Recruitment Edit

We do want new members. But we don't just want anybody. We want people that fit in with us, who will like us and our company and who will grow into new friends. To that end it is kind of essential that people who join are open and sharing. We can't get to know each other if we don't talk.

Other qualities that we think will help members fit in:

  • a sense of humour, sometimes warped.
  • a casual attitude to the game, considering it a hobby, using it for for relaxation and fun.
  • a willingness to share, both of yourself (through chat) and your resources.
  • a helpful attitude and willingness to spend time helping out guild mates without personal gain.
  • a high tolerance for chit-chat.
  • a fair command of English.

Our target size is in the order of around 20 active players (ie. logs on at least 2-3 times a week). This size will, with a little bit of planning, allow us to do all in-game instances, save the 40-player ones. At the same time the guild will be of a size where it still is easy to keep track of people and we can keep it as the friendly and casual place that it is today.

We also don't recruit characters, we recruit players. This mean that once in the guild, members are free to join the guild with their alternate characters.

Guild chat Edit

The official language is English. Guild chat is easy going. We do discuss real life issues and whatever we feel like. It can turn silly at times, but never crude. Intoxicating substances has been known to be consumed while playing. Be warned that it can be catching. And for some yet undiscovered reason, we often end up talking about food.

Dos and don'ts Edit

We do: Edit

  • ... say hi when we log in and we say bye when we log out.
  • ... try to be polite to everyone. Yes, even beggars, though that can be very difficult.
  • ... respect each others time. So we plan ahead, show up on time and prepared.
  • ... care about our reputation on the server. You're judged by the company you keep.

We don't: Edit

  • ... bug each others for help. There's is nothing urgent in this game. Plan ahead.
  • ... accept abuse of any kind.
  • ... make fools of ourselves. And particularly we don't make fools of others.
  • ... speak l33t.

Focus Edit

The guilds main focus is having fun in the game. As long as it is fun, people will keep logging in. If it is not, we will tire of it. The game should never feel like a chore or work. We can all contribute to keeping the game fun by making the guild a good and fun place to stay.

To make the game fun, we try to arrange guild "outings" on a fairly regular basis. This is often in the form of instance runs, but can really be anything. It's just a question of what our members is interested in. We expect to be kept busy for a little while yet.

So far, so good? Edit

If you've read this far, chances are you've not lost interest yet. So what's next? If you fulfill our short list of requirements and think your goals and attitude are similar to ours , here's what you do.

  • Sign up on the website [1].
  • Verify your signup (a verification mail will be sent).
  • Log in and make a post in the Applications forums. This is free form, you choose what to include.

We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Be aware that there will be a trial period of minimum 2 weeks (depending on play time) if the board accepts your application. If it becomes apparent that applicants don't fit in, the trial can be terminated at any time. After the trial promotion will be automatic, unless someone in the guild has raised an issue.

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