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Alliance 32 Server:Bloodhoof Europe

Chimera Edit

Chimera is a guild with a strong focus on end-game raiding, while still retaining the sense of fun and friendship and the room for doing things other than just raiding for its members.

The guild was born on July 24th 2007 as a merger between Axiom Knights and Ginnunga, two guilds with a history older than World of Warcraft itself, that had both seen several of its members leave the game and thus leave them ill-equipped for end game raiding. Many of its members are veterans of several older MMORPGs.

On its first raiding night, Chimera successfully downed three new TBC raid bosses never before killed by the individual guilds. Shortly after the release of Sunwell, Illidan died to the hands of Chimera.

In WotLK, Chimera of course cleared Naxxramas 25-man in December 2008 - who didn't. Gifv harder instances.

Oct 2009 update: ToC25 was streamrolled like everyone else did. Algalon died in Ulduar 10man mode - apparently a realm third. Working on Valkyries in ToC25 hardmode. Not too shabby for 3 days of 25man raiding a week.

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