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About Chasing Doom Edit

Chasing Doom is a horde PVP/PVE guild on the Emerald Dream server.

The end is inevitable and certain. Chasing Doom is about just as it describes, persuing death, destruction and mayhem. We are a guild built on friendship and companionship. We trust and rely on each other to make our time in Azeroth a more enjoyable experience.

We focus on every aspect of the game from PVP in battlegrounds and across the realm to PVE. We are there for each other whether you need to hunt down a recipe or a set piece, or you need assistance with a ganking alliance (If it's red, it's dead) we are there.

A ragtag of five came up through the ranks together. These five made up the orginal Council of Chasing Doom. The were reckless, ambitious and took on impossible odds even if it meant thier own demise. Hence the name of Chasing Doom.

In our quest for greatness, we also came across another guild similar to our own objectives Inortum Fas (Twisted Fate). After much discussion with this guild, a brotherhood of respect naturally occured. It was decided between these two guilds that bigger things were available to both by joining forces. With this merger came a greater council, havok and mayhem for those in our path.

Time has gone on and some great guilds have come and gone. A rag tag similar to our own origins joined Chasing Doom. Blood Union has been written into the history of Chasing Doom and are some of our most respected and loved members.

A long standing alliance with the former guild Resilience has also brought some new members into the family of which are some of the best. These are members that we spent numerous battles shedding blood with and with this is something we will never forget. There is nothing but respect for our brothers and sisters at arms for those that have fallen or drifted.

Over time our guild has prospered and our name has echoed through the walls of our great Horde cities.

For more info, check the official Chasing Doom site

Recruitment Edit

Everyone that comes to Chasing Doom must do so knowing that we are NOT a raiding guild and we are NOT a PvP guild. We are a guild. We enjoy PvP and we enjoy raiding, but we are a guild first. Membership in Chasing Doom requires socialization and interaction with the guild on a non-raiding basis. Raiding and Phat Lootz are a simple byproduct of the fun we have.

Recruiting is determined on an as needed basis. Needed classes will be determined by council and raid leaders. Being a recruit means that you should join /cdrecruit upon your application to be considered.

Recruits will still be required to post an application and the application must be reviewed by a recruiter or council member. Recruits will also be required to speak to a recruiter / council member on vent and / or in-game to confirm that they at least appear to be what we are looking for. If you are a IRL friend or in-game friend please paste this in your application

Recruits on probation will be made aware that for a time period of no less than 30 days. Recruits on probation will also be made aware that during their probation period, they will, at the discretion of the council, be subject to a gkicked for being whatever reason as determined by the council and/or the mass of the guild. There will be no warning and no explanation. Absolutely no exit interview, just a gkick.

If you are interested in joining us please visit our forums and introduce yourself to us.

Rules Edit

Have fun and be good to each other. Do not harass, insult or otherwise be a jerk towards anyone else (unless they are alliance). We live by these simple rules... as a member of Chasing Doom, you are part of our family and therefore expected to represent our family appropriately.

Guild Council Edit

Betylia - Guild founder and Council Chief, our vending machine / taxi service, raid organizer, dkp tracker, problem solver and guild alchemist. Also makes up part of the guild banks.

Restumac - Guild co-founder and resident priest, guild enchanter & tailor and makes up part of the guild banks.

Whirloc - A long standing member to the Council of Chasing Doom is also our guild jewelcrafter, recruiter, and amazingly stunning, sexy guy.

Tichondrias - A long standing member to the Council of Chasing Doom also moderates many of of our forum access and participation within the guild, guild enforcer.

Valisia - Big Country is the newest addition to the council and long standing member of the guild. Overall helps just about anyone looking to put something together.

Progression Edit

Our most recent updates have been the successful clear of Karazhan and the downing of Gruul!

  1. Blackwing Lair - Partially Completed
  2. Molten Core - Completed
  3. Naxxramas - Not Started
  4. Onyxia's Lair - Completed (record 9 man)
  5. Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj - Completed
  6. Temple of Ahn'Qiraj - Not Started
  7. Zul'Gurub - Completed
  8. Azuregos - Completed
  9. Ysera - Not Complete
  10. Lethon - Not Complete
  11. Taerar - Not Complete
  12. Ysondre - Not Complete
  13. Karazhan - Complete
  14. Magtheridon's Lair - Not Started
  15. Serpentshrine Cavern - Not Started
  16. Tempest Keep - Not Started
  17. Gruul's Lair - Completed
  18. The Battle for Mount Hyjal - Not Started
  19. Black Temple - Not Started
  20. Doomwalker - Not Started
  21. Doom Lord Kazzak - Not Started
  22. Emeriss - Not Started

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