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Horde 32 Chaotic Tribe Edit

Chaotic Tribe is a Finnish Horde family guild at European Khadgar. Chaotic Tribe is primarily a PvE based guild, although several members are regular PvP players on Battlegrounds.

Chaotic Tribe was founded on December 31, 2005. It's founder Exetatus suddenly left the guild at the beginning of February 2006 leaving Nimrodel as vice-regent. After quick poll Palefang was promoted as guilds next leader. Under Fang leadership Chaotic Tribe became very popular and was one of the largest national Horde guilds on Khadgar with lots of active lvl 60 players.

Prior the launch of The Burning Crusade most of guilds lvl 60 players left the guild for Chaotic Tribes alliance guild, GoGoGos Supercrew, or other international high level guilds hoping to see even more raid instance action. December 14th 2006 even Palefang moved to GoGoGos leaving his alt, Beastfang, to rule Chaotic Tribe. The Fang dynasty ended March 10th 2007 when Spacefrog was promoted as leader. Guilds current leader is Duckhunter.

At the time of writing (3/1/2008) Chaotic Tribe is mainly low level guild with few active members. At the time of this post (1Q of 2010) Chaotic Tribe might be effectively died.

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