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Chance is a World of Warcraft guild located on Baelgun, a Pacific PvE server. Our focus is building a strong guild based on good relationships and teamwork. Chance is dedicated to friendship and fun in all aspects of the game before accomplishments and items. Chance will strive to remain a relaxed, family-oriented, drama-free and stress-free guild. We would best be categorized as a "casual raiding guild"; many of us feel raiding is merely one aspect of the game.

Chance was formed on Baelgun on July 23, 2008, as an alternative to the ubiquitous "raiding guild". We believe our unique structure will allow us to truly be the "casual guild that raids" which so many other guilds aspire to. Those who want to raid should be able to see that content and have fun doing so. We were tired of guilds telling friends and applicants, "We're full" or "You can join but you'll never be able to raid". We saw an opportunity, a chance, for a different kind of guild. A guild with a prospect, a chance, for stability, longevity, and success.

Chance offers members exclusive guild-only quests and reputation. Members may earn gold and gain reputation with Chance by completing quests and participating in events. Chance reputation earns quarterly dividends from the guild vault.

To fill out an application, go to

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