This article is a guild information page for Champions of Lordaeron of Lightninghoof US.

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Champions of Lordaeron is a casual PvE guild with a few members and a lot of good times.

This guild was formed on LightningHoof the week it was up and running. It is dedicated towards having a good time and helping each other out. For more information you can contact Rhianah, Mordokk, Hellskahra, or Kheldanth in game.

Guild progress Edit

  • Most Vanilla and BC instances and raids - Farm
  • Naxxramas - just starting weekly raids

History Edit

The History of the Champions of Lordaeron is long and varied. This includes chance and fate mixed with circumstance and the goings and comings of many people. We are still an eclectic bunch and always looking for new active members to add to our epic adventures. The Champions of Lordaeron are full of potential and moving towards great achievements. This history is still in the process of being written, but started as just an Undead RP guild.

Always looking for fun, relaxed players who enjoy the PVE aspects of the game.

Guild Meets Edit

  • Guild meetings are held on Saturdays, at 9pm (server time AKA central time) In the Brill graveyard. (Horde town in Tirisfal Glades)
    • Stop by on meeting nights and talk to the Guild master, or check out the site and send a Msg to the webmaster there for more Info.

Guild rules Edit

  • This is a laid back guild.. not a raiding guild.
  • Please attend guild meetings.
    • If you are unable to make it for a guild meeting, notify the guild master or an officer so we can fill you in later.
  • Guild funds are for REPAIRS ONLY. But if there is an item you need in the guild bank, please ask an officer to get it out, and don't forget to contribute back if you have taken something out.
  • If you need something crafted, just ask the members of the guild, we just ask that you have your mats ready.
  • We use simple group loot on most things: only using master looter for when someone is after a rare drop.

Officers Edit

Rhianah, Guildmaster 
Guild leader.
Hellskahra, High Council 
Webmaster. (also Rhianah's S.O. IRL)
Mordokk, High Council 
Assistant to GL.
Kheldanth, High Council 
Assistant to GL.

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