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Overview Edit

History Edit

The German World of Warcraft guild Celestial Dawn (CD) is a progress orientated PvE guild which was founded in April 2005.

At the beginning of classic WoW, CD and Anorya cleared Molten Core together as a raid alliance. Since BWL was released, both guilds went their own ways.
After Blackwing Lair was cleared, CD was the first guild who got the C'Thun kill and with the release of Naxxramas, CD became the No.1 guild on Aman'Thul definitely.
CD almost managed to clear Naxxramas before Burning Crusade was announced, but have been stopped by the Four Horsemen.

Once Burning Crusade was released, CD became more successful and cleared every raid content, particularly sunwell, prior patch 3.0. We finished up with an EU top 80 and world top 150 score at wowprogress.
Our goal for the upcoming PvE challenges is of course to get better and become one of the best PvE guilds in Germany. We are already on track!

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