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  • We have a stable core of mature raiders who have been together since May, 2007. Casual plans on staying together though WOTLK and beyond. In addition to raiding excellence, we have promoted a focused team atmosphere in which each other's time spent on-line is valued and made worthwhile. Not only do we have fun via our friendships, we get down to business when it counts.
  • We expect our raiders to come to raid fully prepared with the best gear, spec, and consumables in order to perform at the highest level of play.
  • Website:


The show is run by:

Lidow/Berra (GM)

Raid ProgressionEdit

  • Defeated 5-minute Malygos (25-man)on 1/7/09 (#21 US, #39 world)
  • Defeated 3-Drake Sartharion (25-man) on 12/7/08 (#38 US, #111 world)
  • Defeated Malygos (25-man) 11/24/08

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  • Plz don't gank us.

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