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Overview Edit

Faction: Alliance
Server: Bladefist (US PvE Server)
Guild Master: Ironhound
Officers: Cyanblade, Khronos, Merwina, Outofpocket, Pallasathene, Roxann, Standingtall, Xpertslayer
Guild Created: August, 07
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Carpe Orcium is primarily a leveling guild; although it could also be considered a "friends" guild: the guild strives to maintain a light-hearted, non-discriminatory, and friendly atmosphere in guild chat; often humorous or relating the minor joys and woes of RL.

The guild hosts a few membership events, such as Guild Member of the Month (as voted by other members) and Help a Guildie Day (a day set aside for high-level members to run lower-levels through dungeons since many maximum-level members are typically busy completing PvP objectives or daily quests).

Current Members Edit

Statistically, over half of the characters in the guild are human (32%) or night elves (27%). Dwarves are the least-represented race, accounting for only 7% of membership. Class-wise, the guild features a good spread of abilities, although hunters and priests account for the largest percentage of members (12% each) with paladins following close behind (11%). The class least represented is druid, with only 7% of members belonging to the class.

Every race/class combination is represented by characters in the guild, however, and most members maintain a number of alternate characters of the various races and classes to get a feel for the abilities as well as explore the various professions. Many of these alternate characters are fast-approaching 60th, 70th, or 80th level while working to maximize their respective crafting/gathering professions.

Recruitment & Requirements Edit

Although members of any race/class combination are welcome to join, Carpe Orcium would like to bolster the representation of dwarves and gnomes within the guild. Additionally, healing and support-based classes are much desired, particularly for high-level play.

That said, the only requirements for membership are politeness in guild chat and being open to helping other members. The long-term goals of the guild are simply to make friends and enjoy the World of Warcraft. Many members also enjoy PvP content, although this isn't a major focus of the guild and members aren't required to maintain any PvP rank if they don't choose to participate in that aspect of play.

History Edit

Carpe Orcium is the child of the now-disbanded eXtreme Killers guild. The change came about when the previous guildmaster announced that he was quitting the game for RL reasons and that the guild would be disbanded. Members were given the options of simply leaving, merging with another guild, or forming a new guild.

Since many members felt they had found a suitable "home" with many good friends, they chose to found a new guild together. A new name was voted on, a new guildmaster was elected, and Officers were chosen from among the founding members.

Guild leadership changed twice during the summer and then fall of '08. First, the then-guildmaster Cyanblade announced the intent to step down from leadership and Standingtall was voted into office to replace him. Then, when RL obligations became a concern, Standingtall relinquished control of the guild to long-time officer, Ironhound.

Under Ironhound's leadership, the guild has grown and made significant progress towards raid-viability as the members explored Northrend and other expansion content.

Associated Guilds Edit

Since the creation of Carpe Orcium, some members have gone on to become principal members of other guilds. Despite this, Carpe Orcium remains on friendly terms with these individuals and their associated guilds.

The former guildmaster of eXtreme Killers, Animalmother, has returned to WoW but chose to become a member of his RL wife's guild, Pale Horse Riders.

A former founding member and Officer, Setag, left the guild in order to become a founding member of the PvP-based guild, Redemption.

Another former member, Waree, has joined Knights of the Templers, a guild founded by RL friends, although he continues to maintain alternate characters in Carpe Orcium.

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