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Carpé Diem is a social, leveling, and raiding Alliance PvE guild for mature adults looking to get the most out of the World of Warcraft experience. They have helpful admins and a promotion system designed to spread the wealth of knowledge of the players in the guild.

Carpé Diem was formed on the Bladefist (US) server on September 11, 2009. We are dedicated to helping newcomers to WoW learn the game, entertaining and respectful conversation, and, of course, raiding toward end-game content. Currently we are running pre-Wrath of the Lich King 10- and 25-man raids to prepare for higher level instances. We are also running the Wrath of the Lich King 5-man instances; to include all versions of Heroic 5-man instances.

For information on our guild and to apply for membership please contact "Shaynus" or "Heartwood" on the Bladefist (US) server in the Whirlwind battlegroup. Please be 18+ and prepared to have a great time with great people!

Guild ProgressEdit



Burning CrusadeEdit

5-man DungeonsEdit


Burning CrusadeEdit

Wrath of the Lich KingEdit


This guild was originally formed by Shaynus and Heartwood; formerly members of the guild Kings of WoW. As major contributors to the growth of their former guild, the two set out to create a new guild run by adults for adults that kept the creative, fun, talkative environment they experienced in Kings of WoW. In September 2009, the two separated from Kings of WoW citing creative differences and poor leadership. They instantly began their work taking the reigns of a new guild by their design. On September 11, 2009, the guild was formed and Carpé Diem was born in Bladefist. Since it's inception, the guild has gained 44 members from 26 accounts. Major contributors to the growth of the guild include Evilfooker, Aceanna, Avir, Mythinclink, and former member Willsgirl. Of those 44 members, 7 have reached level 80 with about 10 on the brink of the coveted milestone.

Upcoming EventsEdit

At the end of the first quarter of 2010, Carpé Diem will implement stage 5 of the 7-stage model it is based on. This stage includes promoting long-time members to the rank of Captain, moving others up to cover down on the vacancies created by those promotions, beginning guild funded bank repairs following raids, adding a 4th bank tab, and the cessation of active recruiting.

Guild PhilosophyEdit

The basic philosophy of Carpé Diem can be understood by the chart below: Guild organization chart

Growth Plan for GuildsEdit

Phase 1Edit

  • Become an active member of an existing guild and learn the structure/tendencies of that guild and other guilds as well
  • Regularly contribute to the growth of that guild while building a wealth capable of starting a new guild with at least 2 tabs. (About 1000g)
  • Begin preparing guild structure on paper
  • Make contact with potential recruits (who can have longevity with your guild and the potential to hold a leadership position in that guild)
  • Make leadership of your current guild aware of your intention to begin a new guild (Give a '2 week notice')

Phase 2Edit

  • Separate from your current guild in a positive manner (leave them a substantial gift if possible)
  • Get a charter from one of the Guild Masters in game
  • Use the list of contacts you put together to get as many signatures as possible
  • Recruit remaining signatures (gold may be given as an incentive)
  • Turn in charter and begin guild
  • Develop rank/structure through the guild window (maintain the lowest rank for recruits)(also maintain the second highest rank for co-GMs)
  • Immediately promote members from your 'contact list' to an authoritative, but not controlling, position (about rank 3)
  • Purchase bank tabs and deposit gold in guild bank.

Phases 3 through 7 have no timeline and are performed at the discretion of the GM

Phase 3Edit

  • Purchase 3rd tab for guild bank (if not yet done)
  • Promote members to Low Level Representative (4 at most depending on guild size) who qualify:
    • Corporal
    • interested in leadership
    • active
    • helpful
    • respectful/friendly
  • Promote members to Professions Specialist (again 4 at most) who qualify:
    • Corporal
    • well-versed in chosen professions
    • active
    • helpful
    • respectful/friendly
  • Promote members to Corporal as needed/earned

Phase 4Edit

  • No changes to guild bank during phase 4 (continue organizing and deposting regularly)
  • Promote members to High Level Representative who qualify:
    • Low level rep who contributes to the guild actively
    • Helps fund guild bank
    • Courteous to members
    • Helpful attitude
  • Promote members to Professions Representative who qualify:
    • Professions specialist
    • Understands interdependancy of professions
    • Helpful on regeant locations
    • Courteous
    • Helpful
  • Promote members to fill vacancies according to qualifications used in Phase 3
  • Continue to recruit actively

Phase 5Edit

  • Purchase 4th guild bank tab (if not done already)
  • Change rank structure
    • "High level representative" becomes "Raid Leader"
    • "Low level representative" becomes either "Dungeon Guide" or "Leveling Assistant"
  • Promote members to the rank of Captain who qualify:
    • High Level Rep or Professions Rep
    • Desire more responsibility within the guild
  • Promote to fill vacancies:
    • Qualifications for Raid Leader:
      • Low level rep ready to begin raiding and organize guild raid teams
      • Display proficient organizational skills
      • Well-versed on raid structure
    • Qualifications for Dungeon Guide:
      • Corporal
      • Experience in dungeons/instances
      • Interested in a more responsible position
      • Proficient in 5-man team structure
    • Qualifications for Leveling Assistant:
      • Corporal
      • Levels quickly (prefferably using PvE/questing techniques)
      • Helpful attitude
      • Interested in more resposibility
  • Begin guild funded bank repairs following raids for appropriate members:
    • Raid Leaders
    • Captains
    • GM and co-GMs
  • End active recruiting
    • No posts regarding the addition of new people in the guild
    • New members will only be added through requests for guild contact (i.e.-person posting Looking for Guild on Channel 2 (Trade))

Phase 6Edit

  • Promote members to the rank of Co-GM who qualify:
    • Captain
    • other criteria are at the discretion of the GM and co-GM
  • Promote to fill vacancies
  • Begin reproducing guild by encouraging one or two members to start a guild of their own based on this model

Phase 7Edit

  • Aid member(s) looking to start a sister guild by providing:
    • Advice
    • Funds (in gold)
    • Members (from your guild who want to be part of a new guild)
    • Planning the birth of the new guild
  • Continue to connect with new members
  • Grow them into the guild system
  • Teach them to serve other members as a leader within the system
  • Enable them to branch out and lead their own guild based on this system

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