About <Cant Have Nice Things> Edit

CHNT is a social guild first and foremost, We aim to be a place where friends and family can play together without the strict "raiding guild" rules. We realise that real life comes first whether you have school, work long hours, have small children, or need to work on spouse faction. We are geared towards the more mature, casual player, where rushing to endgame content is NOT the primary focus. All the members of CHNT consider the guild to be a community of friends from different walks of life, who enjoy each other’s company while we kill stuff! We are a guild that supports friendship and fun over the “OMG Gimmie phat lewtz!” approach. We are not hardcore, but a group that tackles everything with a balance of seriousness and silliness.

For more information you can contact one of guild masters Drjay, Smidsy or Ali in game or visit our Facebook group

History Edit

This guild was originally formed by Jay and a group of family and friends in 2011. Jay who has played as Morphs since vanilla was tired of casual guilds that didn't last long or raiding guilds that would not accept as members, his less than hardcore family. He decided we all needed somewhere stable to enjoy playing together, where we knew the guild wouldn't disappear overnight, could raid as much or as little as the members wanted and where the drama llama shouldn't visit too often.

Weekly raid schedule Edit

Thursday, Saturday(afternoon) & Monday

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