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Call to Glory was formed on Ysera. It is a very casual guild. For more information you can contact Koharru, Reghaz, or any of the officers, in game.

History Edit

The guild has a very long history, I have been in it for over a year and I haven't even met the founding GM. But I am not sure on the history.

Guild rules Edit

  • This is a casual guild.
  • We do not do raids or PvP due to low attendance.
  • Must not be a complete jack ass.

Officers Edit

Include a list of people in charge of the guild that others should get in touch with if interested in contacting the guild for any reason. Optionally, you can include their title and a short summary of their responsibilities.

Kohakku, Guildmaster 
Long time player, also has Koharru.
Claridactyl Officer 
Creator and manager of the guild website,
Wymevil Officer 
Long time player, also has Wymeven, Wymmagic and possibly more.
Reghaz Officer 
Creator of this wiki and the guild mod pack.
Burger Officer 
Not sure about him lol.
Yazoo Officer 
Note: Personal rank is Elvish Champion.

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