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Calamitous Intent is a social guild of Hebrew-speaking Israeli players. Our main goal is to have fun with other, like-minded people, but we also like to grind Heroics and raid. Currently the Guild has a Raid Team, which does ICC10 every week, and usually TOTC10 and Ony10 as well.

This guild is based on Vashj EU. We aren't recruiting, but if you would like to join the Raid Team, whisper Thorra or Kivshani.


We were a group of friends that played WoW on the same server. Some of us are real altoholics, with up to 6 or 7 different regular characters (meaning, level them up to the maximum level and play them at least once a week). So every time another of our friends joined the game, we would send a list of characters to add to the Friends List. Eventually it got to be so long, we decided to open a guild for all those friends and their toons. When Blizz brought Wrath of the Lich King and all the juicy content for casual gamers, we decided to try and raid.

More InfoEdit

If you're interested in our guild, you can send a tell to:

Thorra, The Sovereign 
Guild leader. Contact for more information.

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