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Cadw is a Celtic word coming from the Welsh language. It means "to keep", or "to look after". And that's what this guild is all about, taking care of each other. We are a social guild of like minded individuals.

This guild was formed on Steamwheedle Cartel in February 2010.

History Edit

The guild was originally formed by Merculos in February. After growing to 100+ members a lot of senior people left in what is known as the Raiding Guild Pull. This dropped the active membership considerably and the guild stalled and the membership list was cleaned down. With the new benefits that Cataclysm implemented social guilds are back! Goodbye to the lifeless raiding guilds of WotLK, hello again to social, levelling guilds. Cadw has returned.

Recruitment Edit

Cadw is currently recruiting all classes and roles.

  • Min level to enter guild is 10
  • English is the mandatory language for guild chat
  • New players need to be active, active for Cadw is defined as logging in at least once a week

Whisper Merculos or an officer for an interview.

Recruitment message used in Trade:

<< Cadw >> As the cataclysm shakes the very foundations of Azeroth a once disbanded group of adventurers come back together to survive! Level 1 social/levelling guild LFM members of any race/class/role to help make an epic place to hang out. Whisper Merculos or Balfazar for an interview.

Ranks Edit

We keep it simple:

Guild Owner 
Founder of the guild and person who can administrate the ranks, privs, etc.
Guild Master 
Senior officers who run the guild
People who help the GMs run the guild
Reputation with guild Friendly or above. Access to guild repair and 6 tab guild vault
New to the guild. Access to guild repair only
Holding rank for people who have been hacked or are in the sin bin!

Guild rules Edit

  • Try and help others if you can. With questing, dungeons and professions
  • Be polite in guild chat. Excessive swearing, bullying, etc. will not be tolerated
  • No begging for gold in guild chat
  • No asking for boosts in guild chat (Asking for help to do quests in acceptable, asking for just XP and loot is NOT)
  • Three strikes and then you are out. On your third warning you will be kicked.
  • If you are inactive for 1 month, you will be kicked (unless you have told an officer the reason)
  • Respect the officers and each other

Vault rules Edit

  • Take what you need. Not what you can sell or give away to another non-Cadw toon.
  • Pay the value of the item into the guild vault. This is the vendor value of an item which is shown when you move your mouse over the item and not the AH price (which is much much higher typically).
  • No grey items please. This is just trash and should be vendored
  • Make sure you do not put in a large quantity of the same item. e.g. 20 wands is no use to the maybe
  • Do not organise the guild vault because its a mess. We have officers to do that
  • Guild repair is there to be used, use it and save your gold
  • Gold donations from level 60+ is always welcome and appeciated

Officers Edit

Guild Masters 
Darren (Merculos/Balfazar/Valen), characters in other guilds (Miz - Valiant)
Jack (Akano/Shymara/Kraud)
Tomas (Alende), characters in other guilds (Xylancer - the Artic Fox)

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