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Brothers of Doom is a Horde guild on the European World of Warcraft server Azjol-Nerub. It was founded when Doomhammer Honourguard and Bloodbrothers merged in August 2005. Since then, Brothers of Doom developed its own and unique identity as a friendly guild of experienced players.

The goal for Brothers of Doom is to first and foremost provide a social community for all members, where each member feels at home and is free to play the game too his or her own liking. Members that aspire to join guild organised raids will have to reach certain goals before being able to do so.

Guild progress Edit

Weekly raid schedule Edit

Guild rules Edit

For our full rules see

The Council Edit

The guild is run by a group of long-term and active members, the officers. They are currently Alesha/Vinnie, Chronus, Skillgannon, and Tezrina. In addition, Dingo (Priestingo), Fareway, and Poxx serve as sergeants. There is no guild master.

Alesha, Officer
Chronus, Officer
Skillgannon, Officer
Tezrina, Officer
Dingo (Priestingo), Sergeant
Fareway, Sergeant
Poxx, Sergeant

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