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'Brotherhood of the Sword' is a casual PvE middle-sized friendly guild.

Overview Edit

Brotherhood of the Sword was created as Bractwo Miecza on Quel'Thalas at beginning of 2006 and in middle of the year name was changed to actual to reflect international character of the guild. As PvE Guild it is dedicated towards end game instances. We recruit experienced players who can also spent some of their time to help guildmates in need. To read more about application requirements and place your application, please visit For more information you can visit our website and read FAQ section or contact any officer in game.

Guild Progress Edit

History Edit

Brotherhood of the Sword is successor of the guild Bractwo Miecza which was formed on Quel'Thalas at the beginning of 2006. Bractwo Miecza was created as Polish guild but after half-year existence guild started to lack of some classes and officers was unable to find them among Polish players. In August 2006 guild was transformed into international Brotherhood of the Sword (name is translation of Polish guildname). Before guild was able to finish Molten Core alone, they allied first with Dragons and later with Wrath of Hungary. In September 2006 Brotherhood of the Sword and Wrath of Hungary slained Onyxia and month later they cleared Molten Core for their first time. Also at the end of Oct 2006 guild managed to kill Onyxia without help from allies. Then after month and half 'Brotherhood of the Sword' downed Ragnaros for the first time alone. At the end of the year 2006, guild tried to set schedule for Blackwing Lair but after few tries, plan was put on hold as many players declared small break while they wait for World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. Lack of raiding caused by absence of members lead to desertion of most active players, who created PUG guild in February 2007. Currently Brotherhood of the Sword is recruiting holy priests / resto shamans.

Weekly Raid Schedule Edit

Our raid schedule is constantly changing as attempting TK and SSC now. We're doing raids in almost every day of the week. Raid starts around 20:00 server time.

Guild Rules Edit

For guild rules check our site.

Officers Edit

Inglorion, GuildMaster 
Guild leader & Hunter class officer.
Balver, Officer 
Druid's officer.
Campari, Officer 
Mage's officer.
Gromowladny, Officer 
Paladin's officer.
Redundant, Officer 
Warlock class officer.
Mbu, Officer 
Priest class officer.
Wiedzmin, Officer 
Warrior class officer.

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