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Broken Sword Edit

"Some see the world in black and white while others see the world in shades of grey. Those who call themselves Broken Sword see the world in color."

Broken Sword is a guild located on the Maelstrom Server. Formed in the early 1980s, Broken Sword may quite possibly be the oldest, continuously operating guild playing Warcraft today. We are not munchkins or scrubs. We are not thespians, nor do we speak in Elvish or Dwarven or use fake accents. We are RP gamers.

We are a small group of eclectic, free-thinking and unlikely freelancers. We enjoy doing our own thing and we enjoy doing our own thing together. We particularly enjoy a good beer. Our regular meeting place is the Inn of the Rampaging Dragon particularly since Faffard's keep gets destroyed all too often.

Because we are all highly individualistic, independent and free to pursue our own agendas, it is difficult to define the common purpose of the group if one exists at all. Our philosophies occasionally puts us at odds with the Grand Alliance although we are mostly on friendly terms. We prefer to judge individuals on their own merit rather than any particular faction they may belong to. We also prefer to make our own friends and enemies, however that can sometimes be impossible considering the current political climate. Despite that, we are on good terms with...
Broken sword original art

Broken Sword Original Artwork

Explorer's League

Argent Dawn

Night Watch


It is fairly safe to say we deeply despise tyranny and oppression in any form and this makes us natural enemies of the following...

The Horde

Burning Legion

The Scourge

Anyone who support these groups

And any groups that we have generally just run afoul of during our many travels

Circumstance has caused the following groups to declare us as enemies although we would not necessarily reciprocate...

Defias Brotherhood

Scarlet Crusade

Bloodsail Buccaneers

And then there are friendly groups that we would prefer to make enemies if war did not make such strange bedfellows...

Steamwheedle Cartel

The Consortium

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