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Bring Out Your Dead is a light-hearted, fun-loving, light role-playing guild, that engages in organized questing and dungeon runs, as well as an occasional goofy stunt. We put a large amount of effort in helping one another, with questing as well as with professions and skills. We do some raiding, but this is not our focus. Our members range from the casual, intermittent player to those who spend a great deal of time in-game, and are of every level and class.

History Edit

Originally formed by a small group of Gnomes in Nov. of 2006, BOYD's mission was to help wipe out the Scourge by spreading the word on Plague Prevention throughout the Lands. As we've grown, our message has echoed across the continents, and a large multitude have taken up our chant. We meet frequently for events, parties, organized PvP, raiding and crafting, and try to enjoy the game while fostering the growth of all our members.

Guild rules Edit

  • Our rules and guidelines can be found on our website (linked above).

Officers Edit

Nequasset, Undertaker 
Guild leader. The happy Gnome lock, obsessed with Engineering and souls.
Current Champions, elected by our membership on a rotating basis, can be found on our website.

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