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Overview Edit

Brazucas is a guild for Brazilian people, created after the launch of the Wrath of the Lich King Expansion by some friends to play in the on same realm together. Other Brazilians had discovered the guild on Ragnaros-US and assigned to Brazucas, forming the biggest Brazilian guild in the realm.

The guild focus is to have fun, playing the game with your friends and doing what you like to do, no matter it is PvE, PvP or something else.

Guild ProgressEdit

Brazucas believes that a guild is not only for raiding and proved it when the Cataclysm Expansion came out; and they are not concerned about raid progression for now.


Jorjão created the guild on February 14th of 2009 to play with some friends he invited to WoW. With a very nice ambient, others Brazilians that were on different guilds on the realm noticed Brazucas as a new possibility for them and different to other guilds.

After some time off-line, Jorjão passed the guild administration to Bohemio, who started to call the group that created the guild as Guild Founders (Jorjão, Mirian, Jiló and Bohemio).

The guild grown up, and some organization was needed. New officers were assigned and the guild created PvE and PvP groups for people who like to progress in-game and some rules and the mantras fun and respect to preserve the ambient that made possible Brazucas to be the largest Brazilian guild on Ragnaros-US.

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