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We're a South African guild that means we talk Afrikaans and English and willing to take in any players that want to play with us, we take alts and players of any level all though we prefer level 10+

Our Guild consist of experienced players and new guys trying out the game for the first time and for that reason run as many instances and even the occasional old raids together. The guild has a 6-slot guild bank, a unique guild tabard, over 400 friendly members, a Facebook group website, guild forum and our own Ventrilo server.

We raid but where not a raiding guild, we accept all your alts and will join you in dungeons or questing but where not a leveling guild, we do arena’s and battlegrounds but where not a pvp guild. What you want Braaivleis to be is up to you, some people want to level some want to raid other just love the Afrikaans chat and the social part of the game, we will give you friends to do it with you just need to use it. Just like our country is a rainbow nation we’re a diverse guild, we got or do everything we can!

Guild progress Edit

History Edit

Having started playing WoW in the Vanilla days, we joined various different guilds that consisted of many international players all over the world. After realizing how many South African players existed on Lightbringer, the founding members got together one night and Braaivleis was born. The name was chosen as it is a social proudly South African word that can easily lure other South African players to join us.

We had a very good understanding of Wow but lacked the numbers to do what all the other bigger guilds were doing. As a small social guild we grew into a big enough guild to attempt 10man raiding content in TBC and Raided Karazan for a while.

With the launch of WotLK we grew quite a bit and had loads of new content to explore and conquer. When we had enough level capped members that were interested in raiding again, Braaivleis started on Naxxramas. We also teamed up with the guild "Honor" to create a 25man raid group, between the two guilds regular Naxxramas and Ulduar 25man raids were held.

Braaivleis did however stop raiding due to a lack of interest and rather focused more on leveling alts and gaining more members.

A few months passed and loads more people joined an already big group of South Africans. Once again we had increasing amount of members asking to raid and with that we kicked off a full guild 10man raiding schedule and cleared Nax10, Eye10, OS10, Onixia10, Totc10, ending up in ICC10. After a few months a second 10man guild group was created and soon after an ICC 25man run started. Today we have Salt, Pepper and Vinegar our 3 ICC 10man raiding groups, and a 25man ICC group running every week!

Braaivleis grew to over 400 members this year and seem to still grow by the day. Some of the members got together for the first time in 2009 for a Guild Braaiand Lan, which in the meantime grew into a twice a year event. The guild bought our own Ventrilo server, setup a website, forum and even a Facebook page for members to be able to keep track out of game and get more info about us.

Weekly raid schedule Edit

Guild rules Edit

lvl 10+ only become members

  • Please don't beg for boosts or gold
  • Both Afrikaans and English accepted
  • Please don’t use foul language (often)
  • Don’t call other players names
  • Please don’t spam or over use CAPLOCKS in chat
  • Respect your guild mates and guild officers
  • Please don’t blame it on Apartheid...

Officers Edit

If your interested in joining us, have a chat to one of the following officer or even see who is online and just whisper them for an invite Officers: Pola, Hellfurys, Natalia, Pokkel, Jåson, Fanythos, Thephreak, Hania

Campfire Stories Edit

Recently there were rival South Africa guilds poaching some of our members, but we are happy to report that most of them have returned. We achieved a milestone in November 2010 where, for the first time, we completed the endgame content as a guild. More specifically killing the Lich King in the Wrath expension. With the next expansion (Cataclysm) release on the horison, our guild is planning to make it a huge event. From representation with guild T-shirsts to some light Cosplay. We've organized to meet up with one of the local distributors to receive and celebrate the new expansion.

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