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Warrior, Mage, Paladin, Shaman, Hunter, Priest or Rogue, your blood is the same it runs so true. You are one, but one of all, a blood drop, a Hero, a blade so sharp shines in the dark and a voice sounds become one of The Blood of Heroes.

This is a Casual RP guild in the Darkmoon Faire RP (EU) realm. We have a reasonable policy on assisting other members, and a good batch of 60-70's members interested in guild raiding.

This guild was formed on Darkmoon Faire. It is dedicated to assisting guild members with quests and instances. For more information you can contact Argorn, in game.

Guild progress Edit

History Edit

The Blood Of Hero’s is a proud guild, which has been in existence for almost a year. With knowledge from all angles and players from all different walks of life The Blood Of Hero’s will soon feel like home.

Accepting players from level 20 and above, the guild offers a second to none environment with rules to assist players of the guild to enjoy their time whilst playing the game.

The Blood Of Hero’s is mostly famous for offering as much help as it can give to players but also try’s to teach them how to achieve goals and quests by themselves.

Weekly raid schedule Edit

RAIDS / INSTANCES are arranged by guild officers. Please see the guild notice in game.

Guild rules Edit

We have a simple set of rules.

No Swearing No Arguing No Spamming or Shouting No Begging No Ninja'ing

Breaching these will result in warnings then potentially a short or permanent guild ban.

Officers Edit

Guild officers are in three ranks.

Argorn, Elite One 
Guild leader. Contacts for any major problems. Likes to eat kittens.
Laolan, Zolandius, Stepra, 3 Blood Lords 
The Blood Lords are also charged with the ability to discipline you for any rule broken but will also offer you support and advice in your time of need.
Armyboy, Xore, vulture, Zaius, Stepces, Zylo, Zener & Vergil, 8 Blood Knights 
The Blood Knights will help those lower in rank when possible and so this should be your first port of call.

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