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Blood in the Streets is a mature, mostly adult, social+raiding guild that values members' real life obligations.

Alliance 32 Overview Edit

As a hybrid guild, Blood in the Streets values are:

  • frienship
  • respect
  • generosity
  • technique/class mastery
  • highly structured raiding
  • real life does come first

Alliance 32 History Edit

Blood in the Streets was founded in early 2004 under the name Peace Frog and was reorganized by the same founders in March of 2005 as Blood in the Streets with new bylaws.

BITS was founded in order to fill the void between social guilds and raiding guilds.

For busy professionals and students, social guilds offered a helpful home, while raiding guilds, which provided access to the endgame content, demanded schedules they could not afford. BITS bridges these two extremes.

Alliance 32 Guild Policies Edit

BITS is governed by a minimal and simple set of bylaws dictating the mechanics of membership, hierarchy, and decision-making.

The bylaws are supported by a more thorough Code of Conduct, to set behavior and etiquette standards, and raiding policy documents to strike a balance between raid success, inclusivity for all interested members, and members differing schedules.

Our raiding policy includes a DKP system that ensures fair and equitable loot distribution for all while slightly favoring our highest contributors and most loyal members.

Alliance 32 Organization Edit

  • Chairman of the Joint Chiefs
  • Joint Chiefs
  • Operations & Class Officers
  • Purebloods (raid certified, level 70, and keyed)
  • Blue Bloods (raid certified)
  • True Bloods (registered members over level 45)
  • New Bloods (members up to level 45)
  • Neophytes (brand new members)

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