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Blood Stained Savages is a Horde Guild on Dragonblight - EU
Blood Stained Savages

Guild tabard of Blood Stained Savages

Horde 32 History Edit

The guild was original named Sacrilegious Savagery and began raiding Karazhan with very very little success. Arguments centring around raid progress tore the vibe of a great social guild. The Guild Master at the time Graddok had done a great job of pulling the guild together and moving it forward. A sporting injury we later found out made it impossible for him to be online for several weeks and without a GM and only one officer it was difficult to recruit and organise. Some members decided to stick to the principal ideas that the guild was all about - having fun and helping each other out. They quit the guild simultaneously and created a new one and encouraged the membership of the old guild to follow, which they did. The guild was re-branded Blood Stained Savages and it has become a close knit community with a solid core of raiders. We are progressing through Karazhan quickly and in a more friendly atmosphere. Laughter and lewt - we have them both.

  • The success of the Guild is dedicated to Graddok.

Horde 32 Notable Guild Members Edit

[Guild Master]

Horde 32 Raiding Progress Edit

Karazhan Edit

Attumen the Huntsman Moroes Maiden of Virtue Opera Event¹ The Curator Shade of Aran Prince Malchezaar Nightbane
Completed Completed Completed Completed Completed Completed Completed Completed
¹Opera Events Completed 
The Big Bad Wolf - The Wizard of Oz - Romulo and Julliene

Karazhan Optional Edit

Terestian Illhoof Netherspite Beast Bosses Chess Event
Completed Completed Completed Completed
Blood Stained Savages-Malchezaar

Dead Prince Malchezaar. Taken down by a guild member.

Zul'Aman Edit

Narolakk Akil'zon Jan'alai Halazzi Hex Lord Malacrass Zul'jin
Completed Completed Completed

Horde 32 Recruitment Edit

Recruitment is by online application at the Blood Stained Savages website.

We're currently strengthening our Karazhan team with and eye to raiding Gruul's Lair soon.
We need another one maybe two tanks. We need two more dedicated healers. The same as all guilds.
Additional we would like another Demonology Warlock and a Frost Mage.

Created by Lucifear

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