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Blood Angel Corps Edit

Blood Angel Corps is a massive guild serving the U.S server Dentarg and newly serving Frostwolf and Sargeras. Chartered and founded by Prince Pebby, its purpose is to expand and establish itself as the largest guild in World of Warcraft History. The guilds mission statement is to help and serve the World of Warcraft community and guild members. We are a guild that believes that players of World of Warcraft should be given the opportunity to experience multiple aspects of game play such as PvE, PvP, and even RP elements. We strive to be a drama free guild that share respect for each other and the World of Warcraft community while having fun in Azeroth.

History Edit

At the end of the Burning Crusades campaign, the blood elves remained the hegemonic power in the north eastern kingdoms. A treaty and incorporation of the Blood Elves into the Horde further served to stabilize the regions in the north. After surviving the brutal Scourge invasion of Quel'Thalas, Lor'themar, a former commander of the Farstriders, was entrusted with watching over the elven kingdom. It was during this time that Prince Kael’thas was killed for his treachery in his involvement of the Burning Crusade's campaign, threatening the stability of the sunstrider dynasty.

Prince Pebby was born of the Sunstrider clan as the second grandson of Anasterian Sunstrider. He was the only heir who managed to survive during the scourge invasion of Quel'Thalas. After the death of Prince Kael’thas, Prince Azkael was selected by the Blood Elves as the successor to the throne under the regency of Lor’themar Theron who came to be titled Lord Regent. Upon the death of Prince Kael’thas, a young Prince Azkael immediately inherited title of Crown Prince. At this time, Prince Azkael's grandfather Anasterian, received the highest honour and status in the Blood Elves Grand Cabinet.

During the events of Cataclysm, Lor’themar Theron grew wary of Pebby because the latter was favoured by the Horde. One of the reasons why Pebby took up so many important positions in the Blood Elves court was that he was a protégé of the various foreign Horde powers, which Lor’themar Theron was careful not to displease. However,Lor’themar was as intent as ever on thwarting any challenge to his power, and so Pebby clearly posed a problem for him. Lor’themar Theron plotted along with the Farstriders and Magisters to launch a coup of the capital, historically known as the Sunfury Coup, at which Pebby was put under house arrest.

At this time Prince Pebby reign, which effectively lasted through his adolescence, was largely overshadowed by the rule of Lor’themar Theron. Although he had little influence over state affairs, the events of his reign gave rise to what historians call the "Blood Angels Reformation", a semi-successful attempt aimed at a series of sweeping political, legal, and social changes. The reforms, however, were not only too sudden for the Blood Elves still under significant Thalassian influence and other elements of traditional culture, but also came into conflict with Lor’themar Theron, who held real power. Many officials, deemed useless and dismissed by Pebby, were begging Lor’themar Theron for help.

The Blood Angel's Reformation gave great impetus to Prince Pebby movement and his political prowess. Changes within the establishment were seen to be largely positive over time, and over the next years, Prince Pebby carried out the economic and political reforms that were initiated after the Blood Angels Reformation, in which the newly formed "Blood Angel Corps" would eventually regain a foothold into the political arena of the Blood Elves. The political division of Silvermoon was now torn between the Conservative (Lord Regent Lor’themar Theron and his officials) and Reformist (Prince Pebbyand the Blood Angel Corps) factions. The Blood Elves Grand Cabinet and monarch regency was also gradually replaced by an Imperial Council more commonly known as the Grand Council led by the Supreme Marshal, which to this day remains an important policy-making body of Blood Angel Corps and acting to serve as Privy Council for the Blood Elves, with the regent Prince Pebby serving as a mere figurehead. Thus the beginnings of a representative council was formed.

Government Edit

The Grand Council is the current elected representative head of body of Blood Angel Corps, collectively known as the Imperial Cabinet, which consists of an executive committee of 13 elected members, of whom are assigned to one of three committees, Administrative, Legislative, and Judicial, and the election of the Grand Marshal.

Elections are held every 3 months.The members are elected by way of popular vote, of which must be nominated by someone other than themselves, and have a fairly outstanding reputation among members in the guild. The Supreme Marshal is then nominated by the Prince Elector and must be approved by the Imperial Council.

Grand Imperial Council - duties consists of:

  • Four Legislative Committee members (Grand Marshals of Interior) responsible for setting rules and regulations of the guild, as well as maintaining the guild bank, marks, and rankings in the guild.
  • Four Judicial Committee members (Grand Marshals of Arbitration) responsible for maintaining direct order in the guild, enforcing the legislation laws and rules, and also responsible for removing members (except for other council members) whom they see fit compromising the stability of the guild.
  • Four Administrative Committee members (Grand Marshals of the state) responsible for setting up weekly events such as Raids, Dungeons, Rated Battlegrounds, Arena groups, etc.
  • A Supreme Marshal formally approved by the Imperial Grand Council upon apparent nomination of the Prince Elector. He is regarded as head of state and holds highest power in the political bureaucracy arena as well as the highest administrative position. His duties include overseeing the various ministered department committees and holding elections when necessary as well as appointing personnel to various department committees as needed. Such legislative act must however be approved by the Imperial Court. Also acts as representative of Blood Angel Corps in diplomatic relations with other guilds.
  • Blood Prince of the First Rank held only by birthright of PrincePebby, serves to act as figurehead of Blood Angel Corps. His duties are limited to adhering to the rules and legislation set forth by the Imperial Court.

The current headquarters including the Council Seat of the Imperial Court is the Halls of Blood, situated in Silvermoon City.

Two subsequent meetings are held every other week, with the first meeting being that of an open meeting, where all guild members may voice their opinions over subjects and matters at hand. The following second meeting is closed where only the Imperial Court shall make the final decisions with regards to what was discussed in the first meeting.

Blood Angel Corps Legislature Edit

Leges Unum - All Guild members are to abide by the expectations of maturity and respect toward all other guild members. Any form of prejudice, whether it be racial, sexual, or religious, etc will not be tolerated if the pertaining member/members take it too far. Be mindful of what may be amusing to some may be hurtful to others. These rules are applied to the following but are not limited to:

  • Hateful remarks and attacks on a guild member.
  • Hateful remarks using offensive language (racial, sexual, religious, cultural, etc.) of any kind.
  • Insistence of begging in a way that it leads to chat interference and annoyance.
  • Constant demands to be sped through lower level instances. This game is to be played, not sped through. We want everyone to learn their classes. Form a group, play with guild members your level or an external pug. If a high level wants to offer assistance then it is up to that person, but do not expect someone to aide you if they are busy with their own tasks. Your job is to level your character, not have someone do most of the work for you.
  • Ninjas will not be tolerated within our guild. This will qualify for an IMMEDIATE kicking. If there is any witness of a member’s act of ninja’ing, members are encouraged to report such activity and we will work to assess the situation before any actions is taken place.

~Ninja'ing is defined as the stealing, or unauthorized use of guild resources for personal gain. This includes the misuse of both members and materials.

  • Insubordination and refusal to comply by an officers demands not deemed unreasonable.

~Please keep all arguments off the Guild Chat channel. If you have a disagreement please take it to private tells/whispers. If you can't resolve your issues, feel free to escalate it to one of the council members that will help to mediate.~

Leges Duae - If an officer notices a guild member acting in a manner that is offensive and disrespectful, the officer will give that member a warning, which will then be noted on the guild member’s “note” under the guild tab for all officers to view a member’s status. If the member does another action that is deemed offensive they will be given a second warning, which will also be noted on the “note” section. If the member offends a third time they will be kicked from the guild. This is to provide any members with the utmost chances. Council members and Guild officers are not to reprimand or handle matters of discipline on an open channel, such as the guild chat, but instead must do so over a private channel.

~All members of Blood Angel Corps are "Ambassador's" of the guild, and are expected to act appropriately in public and respect other players just as they do fellow guildmates. Any accusations brought against a member of the guild will be throughly investigated by the Judical Committee, and appropriate action will be taken. However, the Judical Committee will not get involved in personal quarrels.

~Any guild members found in contempt of the rules and guidelines will also be deranked to Probationary for that meantime~

Leges Tria - In fairness, if a member is kicked, they have the option to petition the Imperial Council (choosing one who did not do the kicking is advised) and make their case. If the Grand Council deems that the officer's judgement was valid then the kick stays. If the Supreme Council allows the member back in, they will be given one final chance to shape up. Friends and guild mates may be present at hearings to help persuade, whilst the accusing officer will also be present.

Leges Quad - For the guild members protection, complaints and issues (the complainant must bring up the matter privately with the Chairman, or another trusted Council member) will be heard if any officers including Imperial Council Leaders, are found to be authoritatively abusing their line of power, including/pertaining to the corruptive evidence such as extortion, bribery, unnecessary laundering (higher levels needing lower items, unless it pertained to their professions or for the good of the guild as a whole), as well as undermined dismissal of members due to personnal agenda (rage kicking), and negligence that compromises the validity of the council (in which case action will be taken to remove that member from the council). It is then at the behest of the Chairman and half the council to oversee the trial (consisting of the accused and the accuser) and judge the particular officer and come up with a final verdict. The Chairman and council members overseeing the trial are required to have examined their conscience to negate any form of favoritism and/or pertaining to impermissible advantage. If such conducts are indicated, then there may be a request for recusal to preserve the appearance of the impartiality of the Imperial Court.(A)

  • (A) Petitions and trials are handled at a time that works best for all members involved, but not limited to right of a quick and speedy session. A time will be set up when all members involved are able to attend, that being said all involved members must prioritize the trial session as first in their list.

~Please take note before you file complaints that most Officers and Council members do the best they can to their understanding, and that some issues are unresolvable.~

Leges Pente - These Laws are absolute pertaining even to Blood Prince and the Supreme Imperial Council itself. That said, things can be flexible, and nothing is entirely black and white. As a whole, Blood Angel Corps is a laid back, casual guild of friendly people, free of drama and petty despotism. We like to joke around, and have a good time, and encourage you to do the same. The leaders have no intention in ruling with an iron fist, and the officers are not the gestapo. It is to the sincerest hope of the guild leaders that all guild members enjoy in the game of the World of Warcraft!

Ranking Edit

Supreme Marshal- Acts to serve as the executive head and chairman of the Imperial Court and has power to curve deadlocked decisions and 6:6 ratio votes to his/her favor. Also acts as the final sole arbitrator in Judicial affairs and precedings, and oversees Imperial Court meetings and legislative procedurals. Also has power to initiate and head martial law with approval of the Prince Elector upon emergency situations. Can also be removed with superior 2/3rds vote by the Imperial Court.

Grand Council- Consists of an executive committee of twelve elected members, each representing a sector of the Imperial Courts. Each member is assigned to one of three committees (Judicial, Administrative, Legislative). The committees are governed overall by the Supreme Marshal.

Imperatorian- Recognized in their service to the Imperial Court, and contributions to other members of the guild, these ranks are given the task of direct assistants to Imperial Council members. They are appointed by the Grand Council. He or she is responsible for developing the appropriate strategies to use to carry out the tasks assigned to him or her by the Supreme Imperial Council.

Praetorian- elite special forces unit of Blood Angel Corps personnel that have remarkable war records and certain character traits (raid teams, etc). These members operate outside the regular command structure of Blood Angel Corps and are allowed to plan operations and give orders on the battlefield as they see fit.They are appointed by the Supreme Marshal, only to whom they are answerable to.

Centurian- Recognized for their prestigious accomplishments in the guild who have distinguished themselves with considerable military achievements. They are given the duty of assisting their Marshals and the Supreme Council. ( Awarded by accomplishing certain distinquishable featured events.)

Legionarian- Distinguished in their services and dedication to the guild and are thus honored with such title. Their duties include maintaining order in the guild.

Primarian- Backbone and core personnel of the Blood Angel Corps. Their duties are to follow orders of their commanders.

Probationaries- Those found in contempt of the guild rules and guidelines.

Blood Prince of the First Rank held only by birthright of Prince Pebby, serves to act as a figurehead of Blood Angel Corps.

Please Remember~ As you advance in rank within the guild you will have more and more responsibility, you are allowed to refuse a promotion at any time but if you accept the position you will have to accept the responsibilities that come with it.~

Grand Council Members Edit

Council Members ----- Committee Assignment ----- Academic Specialty ----- Faction Stance

  • NA ----- Supreme Marshal ----- NA ----- NA
  • NA ----- Judicial Committee ----- NA ----- NA
  • NA ----- Judicial Committee ----- NA ----- NA
  • NA ----- Judicial Committee ----- NA ----- NA
  • NA ----- Judicial Committee ----- NA ----- NA
  • NA ----- Judicial Committee ----- NA ----- NA
  • NA ----- Legislative Committee ----- NA ----- NA
  • NA ----- Legislative Committee ----- NA ----- NA
  • NA ----- Legislative Committee ----- NA ----- NA
  • NA ----- Legislative Committee ----- NA ----- NA
  • NA ----- Legislative Committee ----- NA ----- NA
  • NA ----- Adminsiatrive Committee ----- NA ----- NA
  • NA ----- Adminsiatrive Committee ----- NA ----- NA
  • NA ----- Adminsiatrive Committee ----- NA ----- NA
  • NA ----- Adminsiatrive Committee ----- NA ----- NA
  • NA ----- Adminsiatrive Committee ----- NA ----- NA

Special Members

  • Prince Pebby ----- Prince of the First Rank (Blood Prince) ----- Mage ----- Radical


Timeline (Blood Era):Edit

  • B.E. 1 ~ Events of the Burning Crusade's have just ended, Kael'thas and followers have finally been defeated, and Lorthemar Theron acts as new Regent Lord for the Blood Elves and puts Pebby (Brother of Kael'thas) under house arrest. 
  • B.E. 7 ~ In order to obtain autonomy and counter the threat of Lorthemars regency, Azkael initiates the the Blood Angels Reformation. They begin working to expand, but their efforts are suppressed, and the movement goes underground.
  • B.E. 11 ~ The first members of Blood Angels are secretly rolled out. The Blood Angels steps up its activities and attracts more sympathizers, changing its name to the Blood Angel Corps.
  • B.E. 14 ~ Pebby is titled Prince and though was heir to the Blood Angels throne, is declared as an incompetent ruler, and Kenzo assumes Regent leadership under the title Grand Magister.
  • B.E. 18 ~ Pebby is annointed and deemed legitimate and capable of rule over Blood Angel Corps and assumes the role of Regent Prince.
  • B.E. 19 ~ Blood Angel Corps see's to an immediate influx of members and reaches it's capacity of 1000 members (though most today were inactive and therefore removed).
  • B.E. 37 ~ Regent Prince Pebby, announces the establishment of a Supreme Imperial Council, and in doing so announces his intent to step down from power, once the Imperial Council is formed.
  • B.E. 38 ~ A Supreme Imperial Council (formally called the Imperial Courts) is formed, made up of representative members elected by the masses of Blood Angel Corps. Kenzo, one of the elected Supreme Council members is elected Supreme Council Chairman. Prince Pebby steps down as Regent Prince, redeclaring himself as Blood Prince.
  • B.E. 43 ~ Kenzo declares his intentions to step down from Supreme Council Chairman, and Zakal is elected as the new Supreme Council Chairman.
  • B.E. 59 ~ Blood Angel Corps reaches an all time low of members numbering below 200. Blood Prince announces his intention to merge and constitute "Azkaels Elite Legions" into Blood Angel Corps with Dark Templar overseeing the transition.
  • B.E. 62 ~ Blood Angel Corps reaches guild level 5, and begins a slow recruitment rebuild up of members.
  • B.E. 78 ~ The Constitutional Legislature of Blood Angel Corps is finally drawn into law. At this time Blood Angel Corps reaches past guild level 10.
  • B.E. 92 ~ Blood Angel Corps reaches level 15 and Supreme Council Chairman Zakal is formally renamed Council Premier to oversee the guild, due to Azkaels absence.
  • B.E. 104 ~ Blood Angel Corps re-election campaign overseen by Azkael, members of the Supreme Council were almost entirely replaced by new members. Zakal steps down as Council Premier, and Niphredil is elected as the next Premier. At this time, Blood Angel corps reaches level 20.
  • B.E. 117 ~ Blood Angel Corps reaches level 25, and scales at almost 500 membership.
  • B.E. 123 ~ Blood Angel Corps reaches guild population cap of 1000 members twice. To help alleviate the population and make more room for new members the Supreme Council votes to create a sub-guild to the Blood Angel Corps.
  • B.E. 124 ~ The Blood Angel Legion was created as a sub-guild of the Blood Angel Corps. Lead by Lady Azkaelanya and chartered by many members of the B.A.C. it functions as a reserve unit.
  • B.E. 129 ~ Prince Pebby goes into reclusiveness. His only contact is with a few select members of the Supreme Council.
  • B.E. 152 ~ During Prince Pebby's absence the Blood Angel Corps suffers a major economic crisis due to a embezzlement incident from within the Grand Council. During this period a Regency is established in the absence of the Prince Azkael. Lady Niphredil is granted the title of Blood Regent and assumes the power of the constitutional monarchy. At this time all policies concerning the leading officers and Council members is changed to limit access to the treasury.
  • B.E. 163 ~ To keep the scales of power in balance, Lord Regent Niphredil requests the election of a new Council Premier. The Council elects Thisendup as the 4th Council Premier for Blood Angel Corps.
  • B.E. 172 ~ With the return of Prince Azkael, a decree is given that Lady Niphredil is to remain Regent and it is agreed upon that the Council is to remain with limited access and power in the interest of the people.
  • B.E. 204 ~ Blood Angel Corps suffers another setback with over half its Supreme Council members leaving to form their own guild. A provisional Supreme Council is set by Prince Azkael to oversee and maintain the guild.
  • B.E. 217 ~ A new Supreme Council is officially elected, and Sykoekillar is elected the next Supreme Council Premier. Prince Azkael steps down once again from power and the Supreme Council is set to officially take control of Blood Angel Corps by way of a representative republic.
  • B.E 236 ~ The incorporation of a new government office is announced, a Supreme Chancellor. Durndurn is elected as the new Supreme Council Premier and Faustios is put into office of the Supreme Chairman. At this time a few replacement Council members is officially elected, with elections headed by the new Supreme Chancellor.
  • B.E 479 ~ Prince Pebby initiates a new Blood Angel Corps guild under the realm Sylvannas.
  • B.E 572 ~ The formation of a Grand Council is announced along with a Supreme Marshal to lead the guild.

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