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<Blonde Incorporated> Yes, we are that half naked, half witted, slow walking, slow thinking, table dancing, gold digging, Swedish Ski Bunny, Bondi drinking Bikini Beach Volleyball guild that likes shiny things. Join us for fun (Blondes Rule, Elf Boys Drool.)

This guild was formed on Korialstrasz. It is dedicated towards the advancement of Blonde Female Toons for all levels. We help your Toon learn the game to get to end game. We do all Instances. We strive for rep will all Factions. We will take anyone in the guild so long as you play the game, don't trash the guild, have a cute Blonde Toon, and are willing to help everyone in the guild. Our guild has no Drama, we just play and have fun.

Guild progress Edit

History Edit

This guild was formed to Punish the Horde by having them watch as an Army of cute Blondes in Pink tabards pounded on them. We help twink Blondes for PVP. We sponsor RAIDs to various places.

The guild was formed in April 15th, 2007, by Deckette, Blondette, Pandolyn, SummerLove, Legs, Twolips and many others.

The guild is on 3 US servers and 2 Oceanic. Look for a Decktete or Decken toon on your server. We will expand to any server, we just need GM's for that server to help.

Weekly raid schedule Edit

Guild rules Edit

  • This is both a Casual fun guild and a Serious Instance Guild.

We like to train player and toons to enjoy the game of WOW. We have a Pink and Silver tabard, and do Photoshoot Raids in our tabards.

We hit the horde cities with RAIDs during the Seasonal Quests. Everyone is invited to join with our City Raids.

  • We are a strict no NEED guild. "Need only if you toon can wear it and only if the item is BOP"

We help everyone but we are not charity chumps. If we see you helping others we will reward you for your helping.

Officers Edit

Decktete, Guildmistress 
Guild leader. Contact for adminship and advice on how to best use your fuzzy kittens in pictorial Photoshoot RAID exploitation.
SummerLove, Lieutenant 
Head Rogue and one very Bad Blonde

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