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BlackWatch Regiment (BWR) takes it name from the premiere Scottish infantry regiment in the British Army and one of the most famous fighting forces in the world, The Black Watch. We pay tribute to this unit by acting with honor and treating others with respect.

The guild has been in existence well over 10 years and is made of families. While much of the guild came from DAOC, there are quite a few who joined from the realm of Argent Dawn and Twisting Nether. BWR was extremely successful on Argent Dawn but due to the lack of PvP and long queue times decided to move to the realm of Twisting Nether.

BWR prides itself on being like a family. We watch each other’s backs, we group together and we look out for the good of the entire guild. As a guild we put need before greed. With that said sometimes we even fight like a family. But at the end of the day we remember that we are all friends and that this is just a game. We are all here to have fun and one way to do that is to help others.

Blackwatch Regiment moved to Twisting Nether from the Argent Dawn server where they were known as The Black Watch.


BWR does not openly recruit. In order to be considered for membership you must be sponsored by a guild member. This means you must be a friend (real life or game) or family member of that current member. In order to be considered for membership you and your sponsor must post an application on the forums telling us about yourself. Once an application has been made and accepted by the recruiting officer, you will become an initiate.

Every new recruit is on a probation period so the officers and other guild members can get to know them. During the probation period, recruits will be asked to only have one character within the guild for the purpose of being able to better identify the recruit. Recruits are encouraged to join guild members in hunts, both PvP and PvE, and while not grouped with guild members to be active in guild chat. Recruits are required to register their character on the message board and actively post on the open forums. The only way for the guild to get to know someone is by interacting with them.

The probationary period may last any length of time, and will end when the officers and guild leaders feel that the initiate has become part of the "family". Every member of BWR is considered family and when it is felt you are part of that family you will be promoted to member. The final determination of membership will be made by the recruitment committee.

There are two outcomes from this probationary period. 1) You are told that you do not fit within BWR. You will be asked to leave the guild. If you do not leave you will be removed by an officer. 2) You are accepted in to the guild with all guild member rights.

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